‘Rick And Morty’s’ 10 In-Episode Secret References You Never Knew Existed

Rick and Morty has an inexhaustible nerdy universe. With this note, we tell you 10 details, curiosities and references that you have surely overlooked. Take the test and check your level of fanaticism!

Rick and Morty is one of the animated series of the moment. The good news is that the two full seasons are available on Netflix, the bad news is that we still do not know when they will release the third. There were several comings and goings, tentative dates, answers from their creators, but after all, neither the producers nor Adult Swim confirmed anything.

Meanwhile, to make the wait shorter, let us indulge ourselves with Rick and Morty’s top 10 curiosities and secret references and see how many of you remember.

Game of Thrones

In “Rick’s Potion” (Season 1, Episode 6) Rick asks Morty for a DNA sample. This lowers the closure of the pants, and Rick slows him down by saying that he only needs a little hair. The phrase he utters then is, “this is not Game of Thrones“, referring to the criticism that the renowned HBO series contains unnecessary nudity.

Cameo in Justice League

Although we do not know if the detail is unintentional, Rick and Morty participate in the first trailer of Justice League. To be precise, those who appear on a monitor of the Flash address are Rick and Summer, beating Mr. Needful.

This character (who is actually the devil) is giving a kind of TED talk in Seattle, when Summer and his grandfather appear to take revenge. The episode in question is “Necessary Things” (Season 1, Episode 9).

Event Horizon

The initial scene of “Meeseeks Destroyers” (Season 1, Episode 5) is a reenactment of the science fiction film Event Horizon from 1997. The astronauts in this movie experience hallucinations and are attacked by their personal traumas.

Morty, however, is attacked by clones of his family who live in an alternate reality. He hesitates to attack them despite Rick’s cries.

Jerry’s Game

Jerry is not a very lucid guy. In more than one chapter we can see it concentrated with a game in his cell that consists of exploding balloons that appear on the screen.

Although it looks like a parody of Candy Crush or Diamond Dash, Jerry’s game exists in real life. It’s called Jerry’s Game and can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

Stephen King and the devil

In “Necessary Things” (Season 1, Episode 9), the devil has a store called Needful Things. This store is in a reference to Stephen King’s book which bears the same title, Needful Things. In the novel, the devil also sells articles that appear to be perfect in exchange for the soul of his clients.

Back to the Future and a dark past

Rick And Morty is inspired, as many may assume, by Back to the Future. Before beginning the series, its creator, Justin Roiland, had a project called The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. The characters were parodies of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. However, they were quite bewildering and vulgar, so it was hard to sell the content to the television networks.

Raising Hope and Bad Boy Bubby

In the episode “Raising a Gazorpazorp” (Season 1, episode 7), Morty must raise a strange being in his house as if it were his son. The chapter is full of references to the series Raising Hope, where a 23-year-old single parent must take care of raising a child while living with criticism from his own parents.

On the other hand, when the “son” of Morty wants to leave the house, he retains it by explaining that the outer oxygen could kill him. This phrase is a reference to Bad Boy Bubby, a very dark and twisted 1993 film. Bubby, the main character, lives for 35 years in an apartment with his mother, who does not allow him to leave because he could die of suffocation.

The Meeseeks Box

In the episode “Meeseeks Destroyers” (Season 1, Episode 5), Rick lends a box to the family that generates Meeseeks. These beings fulfill a simple order and then disappear. However, they have complications to improve Jerry’s golf shot, so they become unbearable.

The funny thing is that we can buy a replica of the Meeseeks generator box on Amazon for less than $30. Attention: it does not generate Meeseeks.

Science Fiction and Sesame Street

In the first episode of Rick and Morty titled “Looking for the Seeds,” both characters must go through interdimensional customs. There, in a panoramic image, we can see many silhouettes of different shapes. If we pay attention, we will see some references to sci-fi characters (a space invader, a xenomorph of the movie Alien, among others). There are also totally absurd silhouettes, such as that of Abelard of Sesame Street.

The importance of details

The creators of Rick and Morty attach great importance to detail and continuity. In the episode, “It’s Party Time” (Season 1, episode 11), the whole house is transported to another dimension. At the end of the chapter (and the party), the house returns to its dimension, but the edges and imperfections of the ground are marked.

These fissures will remain for the rest of the episodes. Probably the reason is to avoid conjectures or suppositions of the spectators with respect to parallel realities. For example, at the end of the episode “Autoerotic Assimilation” (Season 2, episode 3), we can see Jerry cutting the grass that grows between the fissures of the ground.

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