Paul Newman Passes Away from Lung Cancer

Paul Newman passed away on Friday after battling cancer, leaving a legacy and questions behind. While the actor, entrepreneur, and personality faced health problems, it’s reported that his death came as a surprise. As a result, it’s unclear how his Newman’s Own food company will proceed without him.

As Les Banwart, the vice-chairman of the nonprofit organization Aileron, told CNN, “When a celebrity dies without a plan, the company and product can die with him.” Newman’s Own Organics published a statement on Saturday morning assuring us that Paul Newman’s charitable ways will continue on:

“We will miss Paul, but we will honor his vision for the Common Good through dedicated stewardship of his company that will perpetuate his philanthropic legacy. Paul wouldn’t have it any other way.”

When I think of Paul Newman, I think of his Hole in the Wall Camps for kids (how can you forget a name like that?), his hunky Studio 54 days, and his absolutely kick*ss Limeade.

Paul Newman died at the age of 83.