‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 84 Recap & Review: Krillin Proves He’s Good Enough

If there was anything that Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 did, it was prove that veteran fighters such as Krillin would be invaluable in the upcoming Tournament of Power. Despite the lack of raw strength, fighters like Krillin have the experience to strategize, and coupled with team-based fighting techniques, veteran warriors would be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming tournament.

For those who have missed Dragon Ball Super Episode 84, “Son Goku the Recruiter Invites Krillin and No. 18,” here is a brief recap of the events that happened in the recently aired episode. Considering this, however, do take note that there will be massive spoilers ahead, so do proceed with caution.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 opened with Goku and Gohan heading over to Krillin and No. 18 to recruit both of them for the Tournament of Power. Krillin was depicted to be performing regular policeman-related tasks, such as preventing bank robberies, catching regular bad guys, and even saving a rather ungrateful cat. Eventually, Goku and Gohan were able to ask the former martial artist for some of his time, as noted by DBS fan-translator Herms98.

Goku and Gohan informed Krillin of the Tournament of Power’s rules, and Krillin was pleasantly surprised about the no-killing, win-by-ring-out rule. Considering Krillin’s experience with incredibly strong fighters and his multiple deaths under their hands, his appreciation of the Tournament of Power’s rules are unsurprising. Even his wife, No. 18, encouraged the veteran fighter to participate in the competition. No. 18 even remarked that Krillin has all sorts of exercise equipment on their second floor of their home, so he might as well test his strength’s limits in real battles.

Goku asked No. 18 if she would like to participate in the Tournament of Power as well, though she initially rejected their offer. Goku, however, lied and stated that the winning team of the Tournament would get 10 million zenny, which would equate to 1 million zenny for each fighter. While interested in the competition, No. 18 remained quite suspicious.

Gohan, for his part, could not shake off the feeling that Krillin would just be outclassed by other fighters in the Tournament of Power. Goku’s firstborn son invited Krillin to a sparring match, and No. 18 noted that Gohan was a bit too serious about the upcoming competition. Goku, for his part, brushed No. 18’s observations off, stating that Gohan was simply focusing on the 100 million zenny prize money. No. 18 immediately noticed that Goku has quoted two different amounts for the alleged prize money, but the Saiyan continued to brush her off.

Krillin and Gohan began their battle, with the veteran fighter eventually putting the young Saiyan on the defensive. Krillin then unleashed his new move, Taiyo-Ken x100, which, as the name of the move suggests, is a hundred times more powerful as the fighter’s classic Solar Flare technique. With Gohan blinded, Krillin promptly knocked him out of their makeshift arena. Goku, for his part, was extremely impressed. So impressed, in fact, that he wanted to fight Krillin himself.

Numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit have noted that Krillin’s performance in his fight against Gohan was indicative of the fighter’s experience and strategic skills in battle. Knowing that Gohan outclassed him in strength, Krillin relied on his wits to win their sparring session, proving that in a proper tournament, strategy matters just as much as raw power.

Everyone headed off to Mr. Satan’s building, and Goku informed everyone that they could fight to their utmost there. No. 18 voiced out her reservations about Krillin fighting Goku, especially since he just sparred with Gohan a few moments before, even reminding her husband that his new Solar Flare is a surprise attack and thus, it would not be effective twice in a row. Krillin, however, assured his wife that he would like to spar with his old friend nonetheless.

Goku transformed to his regular Super Saiyan form, and Krillin actually manages to keep up. The veteran fighter fired off a series of Kienzans, which Goku easily dodges. After a clever feint, however, the ground gave way under Goku’s feet. Apparently, Krillin was targeting Goku’s footholds all along. Impressed, Goku decided to transform to Super Saiyan Blue. No. 18 called on her husband to stop fighting since strategy won’t do any good against SSJB, but the old friends nonetheless fired Kamehameha blasts at each other.

Before Goku’s strike reached Krillin, however, No. 18 jumped in and knocked Goku’s blast away. The former Android asked Goku to continue the match as a 2-on-1 fight. At this point, Goku reverted to his base form, assuring the husband and wife team that they have proven themselves more than capable enough for the Tournament of Power. Goku then asked about No. 17’s whereabouts, and No. 18 advised him to seek out the Earth God Dende to find out where her brother was residing. Goku then headed off, with 38 hours remaining before the Tournament of Power commences.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 was hugely satisfying for longtime fans of the series, especially among those who have followed the franchise since it debuted more than 30 years ago. Krillin’s fight with Gohan and Goku ultimately proved why veterans would be more useful in the Tournament of Power than inexperienced warriors such as Goten and Trunks, a point which had been brought up by fans of the anime for months. Needless to say, Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 was as satisfying as it was nostalgic.

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