Charlotte McKinney's Nude Photo Scandal: What The 'Baywatch' Star Has To Say

Charlotte McKinney is the latest victim of the Hollywood nude photo hacking. Alleged intimate photos from the model's topless photo shoot surfaced on the internet a few months ago. The aspiring actress doesn't seem fazed by nude photo scandals in general. Charlotte's own thoughts about the Hollywood nude photo scandal resurfaced this week.

charlotte mckinney's intimate photos
Charlotte McKinney's intimate photos from a photo shoot have leaked. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

The buxom blonde appeared nude in a Super Bowl ad for Carl's Jr. in 2015. From there, she became an overnight sensation thanks to her bikini and lingerie-clad photos on her Instagram page. McKinney has been transitioning from glamor model to actress as she's appeared in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser and the Baywatch reboot. She won't let a nude photo scandal get to her.

Rumor has it Charlotte's own nude photos have surfaced on the internet. In her 2014 Fox News interview, the model had something to say about the ongoing celebrity nude photo hackings. She casually stated that "we all in the world have done that" in regards to taking nude photos of herself with her phone.
Most assumed that McKinney became famous after her Carl Jr.'s commercial. But, it was this very Fox News interview that kick-started McKinney's career, reports the Daily Star.

"Carl's Jr saw my Fox interview and my social media pages, and then they reached out to my agent," the model explained to the British outlet.

She was then hailed as "the next Kate Upton" due to her dangerous curves. During the interview, the model talked about nude photos and hinted that she has taken some of her own. At the time of the interview, Kate was one of the many high-profile women who were targeted by a hacker who released nude photos of female celebrities online.

The nude photo hacking, dubbed "The Fappening," has recently targeted Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, and Demi Lovato with another hacker spreading photos on social media. Back in 2014, Charlotte defended Kate's nude photos and said it was normal for most women to share their intimate photos.

"It's horrible, it's happened to so many girls. It was always around in high school. Your phone is private and you don't think 'Oh, the world's gonna see this.' Models, we travel, and we need to communicate to our boyfriends. Sometimes a little… I think we all in the world have done that [taken nude photos] for a relationship or anything like that."
McKinney was asked if she was worried about her photos being leaked online. Though she did not admit to taking nude photos, she said she has to be more cautious about her own content.

"It makes you go through your phone and delete some things," she said. "Hopefully it's all taken care of now. It's tough for a woman – you feel violated."

charlotte mckinney talks scandal
Charlotte McKinney talks nude photo scandal. [Image by David Becker/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas]

While Charlotte has only hinted at taken her own nudes, she explicitly stated that she would not pose fully nude in photo shoots. She would only do a tasteful shoot for a fashion publication.

"I believe there's a time and place for it [nudity]. I'm not ready for it. I've been asked to do Playboy. I'm away from it for now. Unless somewhere along the line Vogue or something amazing asks me. For now, it's a no."
But, according to Movie Hotties, Charlotte McKinney has allegedly posed nude in the past. Photographer Tony Kelly shared a photo of her walking around naked in the light of day while carrying a leaf blower. Though McKinney's face is hidden in the photo, the woman's profile kind of resembles hers. McKinney didn't consent to the release of these photos, but someone close to her released them anyway.

The second NSFW photo shows Charlotte posing topless and wearing a black floppy hat. The gossip blog claims someone in her camp released these nude photos back in January. However, Charlotte has not come out and confirmed whether it's really her in the photo shoot.

[Featured Image by Victor Chavez/Getty Images for ME Cabo]