K. Cooper Ray On Patricia Altschul’s Role In His ‘Southern Charm’ Absence

One person notably absent from the previews for Season 4 of Bravo’s Southern Charm is K. Cooper Ray. In an earlier season, Cooper was introduced to viewers as a tastemaker and designer who was a part of Patricia Altschul’s inner circle. While not a starring cast member, Cooper, like Patricia, was frequently shown interacting with the main cast and commenting on all of their drama. On Season 3, he was one of the few people who was still friendly with Kathryn Dennis, much to the chagrin of Patricia, who disliked Kathryn and didn’t want her around.

So why won’t viewers be once again seeing Cooper lend an ear to Kathryn, trying to talk some sense into her regarding her tumultuous relationship with Thomas Ravenel and conflict with the other cast members? Did Patricia, still unhappy about Cooper’s friendship with Kathryn, convince the show’s producers to cut him out? After all, Patricia’s son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, is creator and executive producer of the show, as well as one of its stars.

On Thursday, Cooper denied that Patricia and Whitney had anything to do with his absence from the upcoming season. In response to a viewer who asked Cooper whether he’s not on the new season because of Patricia and Whitney, Cooper said no. He explained that he sat out the season because of other projects. He also made clear that he was asked throughout the filming season to return but he declined the opportunity.

While K. Cooper Ray’s not on the upcoming season, it seems that viewers can still expect to hear some sharp insight from him regarding what they’re watching on their TV screens as the season unfolds. On Friday, in response to a viewer who wondered where the cast filmed the Season 4 finale episode, in reference to the fact that the Season 3 finale episode showcased Cooper’s Founder’s Ball, Cooper sarcastically replied that he thinks that the cast got dressed and went to Chick-fil-A for the finale this year.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish in May 2016, Cooper claimed that Patricia Altschul ended their friendship over his friendship with Kathryn Dennis. According to Cooper, Patricia said that she and the others won’t associate with him if he continues to hang out with Kathryn.

“‘We are not gonna associate with Kathryn Dennis, and if you do, we won’t associate with you.’ And I said, ‘Respectfully, Patricia, I have no reason to not speak to Kathryn.'”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cooper was one of the cast members who attended Kathryn’s baby shower in early 2016 in celebration of her second child with Thomas.

Cooper further claimed to The Daily Dish that while Patricia cut him out of her life because of Kathryn, he cut her out because she insulted him.

“Her estrangement toward me is due to Kathryn. My estrangement toward her is because she insulted me this summer.”

Yet Cooper remained optimistic that he and the Southern Charm matriarch will one day be friends again.

“Patricia and I are more alike than anybody on the cast. We share so much. We have very similar sets of friends in New York. We have a lot in common, and we are the most well-suited…Of course we’ll have to be friends. We have too much in common.”

It seems, however, that the two are still estranged. Two weeks ago, K. Cooper Ray disparaged Patricia Altschul’s new caftan line.

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