Chad Johnson Gets Dating Advice From Andy Cohen Prior To Return To ‘Paradise’

Chad Johnson has not exactly had a great start winning over a lot of Bachelor nation fans, but it looks like he will have another chance to redeem himself. Johnson, or Bad Chad as he is known, has confirmed he will be heading back to Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Chad’s appearance on The Bachelorette featuring JoJo Fletcher and on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise did not go so well. Will the third time with the franchise be the lucky charm for Chad?

Underneath it all there has to be a reason Chad first went on a reality show in the first place. There has been thoughts that perhaps Johnson is just misunderstood and was just going through tough times after losing his mother. The photos Chad shares on social media with his dog Pumpkin leave one to think that under it all Chad does have a good heart who wants someone special to share his life with.

Day off from the gym, just hangin with Pumpkin ????

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Us Weeklyconfirmed that Chad will be joining the Season 4 cast of Bachelor in Paradise. As to which ladies Chad is hoping to meet, Johnson says, “Too many to mention, really, based upon looks, but when it comes to contestants on these shows, you never know what they’re truly like until you’ve met them in person.”

During Bachelor in Paradise last summer, fans saw Chad become overly aggressive and ultimately get himself kicked off the show for his bad behavior with Lace Morris and host Chris Harrison. He hasn’t had a great reputation, but something made producers allow him one more shot.

The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise are not Chad’s only attempt at finding love on reality television. Johnson will be appearing on Season 2 of Famously Single, which will premiere on E! on July 9. TV Guide shared that Chad said for him it was more about healing than actually finding love. Johnson said, “I think for me especially, you don’t go in trying to force something. It’s starting with therapy… and trying to find someone willing to work with me on what I needed to work on. I had a couple breakthroughs… realizations that made me realize some things I do, why I do them.”

In the meantime, Chad has been acting as a correspondent for Extra and recently met up with Andy Cohen, who has a new show premiering soon called Love Connection. Johnson got some dating advice from Andy in many areas, including what to avoid eating on a date, how long a couple should wait to have sex, and when it is okay to call a woman after meeting her. While it was all good advice, Chad does admit he feels he has a lot of experience in the dating department.

Aside from interviewing Cohen, Chad has also done a segment on Extra called “Chadvice,” in which Johnson offers dating advice for others. Chad has also been covering Dancing With the Stars. While at times it appears Chad is turning over a new leaf or attempting to repair his public image, he remains cool, collected, and sometimes blunt on social media.

Even if Chad has softened up a bit, he still remains very confident in himself. Johnson works out frequently and shows off photos of his gym progress on Instagram. Chad recently took to Twitter to say, “What did we learn about Rachel’s group of guys on Ellen last night? They have no gainz. BIP is ALL mine. #TheBachelor.”

It has been shared that during Famously Single fans may see Chad redeem himself somewhat in the public eye. Time will tell if this is true and if he will be more accepted and respectful this time around on Bachelor in Paradise.

[Featured Image by Chad Johnson/Instagram]