Illuminati Arrested: Couple Claims To Be Part Of Illuminati During Arrest

Indian River County Sheriff’s OfficeIndian River County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida couple arrested for disorderly conduct told police they were part of the Illuminati, a secret society believed by some to contain influential and powerful people who attempt to control the world.

Kristen Morrow, 37, and 25-year-old George Major Davis were arrested by police on March 27 in Sebastian, Florida, for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, but not before Ms. Morrow raised a scene by threatening the police officer and claiming to be part of the Illuminati.

The incident began when the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a resident complaining that he saw a man and a woman lying under a blanket near his home. He believed they were doing something indecent, possibly drugs or having sex, in relative privacy underneath the blanket but still outside where they could be seen, and it was disturbing to residents. The sheriff’s office sent a deputy to investigate.

When the deputy arrived, Kristen Morrow came out from under the blanket and began yelling at the officer. She claimed to be part of the secret society of the Freemasons and that her authority superseded that of the officer.

“I am part of the Illuminati and free masons. You have no authority and I don’t have to leave.”

In the police report, the deputy wrote that Morrow continued to “yell at the top of her lungs even as I stood a few feet from her.”

He explained that Morrow said she was a famous musician who had connections in high places that would cost the officer his job if he arrested her.

“She continued to yell and rant that she was a famous music talent and she knew judges and her family would have my job.”

At this point, Morrow’s male companion, George Major Davis, also emerged from beneath the blanket and joined her in yelling at the officer and claiming to be part of the Illuminati. The officer detailed the verbal abuse in his report.

“He continued to yell along with the female about free masons and their impending music record deal and the celebrities, judges, and power their family had.”

Several neighbors emerged from the nearby apartment complex to investigate the noise. The deputy decided that the disturbance from their yelling was disturbing the peace and affecting the residents in the neighborhood.

He arrested the couple. They were transported to the Indian River County Jail where they were charged with disorderly conduct.

Some people believe that the Illuminati is a secret society made up of powerful people like politicians, royalty, and intellectuals who control or attempt to influence world events through government and corporate influence. The theories are compounded by a blend of fact and fiction, as the Freemasons were and are a real group of people and examples of symbolism connected to the Illuminati — like the Eye of Providence — are often found in popular culture.

However, it is generally accepted that Freemasons would never admit their identity to anyone in order to protect themselves and the other members of the Illuminati. Therefore, it is unlikely that Kristen Morrow and her companion are actual members of the Illuminati.

A reporter at Broadly recently conducted an interview with an Illuminati expert concerning the status of women in the organization.

“The Illuminati want women to be the channels of these ancient goddess spirits. The pentagram symbol is a symbol for Venus, and this kind of goddess symbolism feeds into the role that the Illuminati have for women.”

Perhaps if the Illuminati were more inclusive, Kristen Morrow would have a chance to gain power in the New World Order. But at the moment, she is in jail.