NFL Draft Rumors: Should The Chicago Bears Trade Down?

Should the Chicago Bears trade the No. 3 pick in the upcoming NFL draft? That question has been on the minds of Bears’ fans everywhere. The Bears have holes at several key positions, but their chances at creating solutions will come down to identifying talent and finding fits. To trade or not to trade, along with should the Bears draft a quarterback or a stud defensive player are the inquiries being bandied about.

The Chicago Bears have some decisions to make as the NFL draft approaches. One thing is for certain, their draft selections will offer up an idea of where the Chicago Bears view their franchise. The direction of the Bears has fans, and likely some front office members divided.

Drafting a quarterback, as some hope the Chicago Bears do, would signal that the team is looking at things from a long-term perspective. One of the problems with this draft class is that the quarterback position is thin on projected future starters. It is a class that one current head coach, Bruce Arians of the Arizona Cardinals believes there is only one passer who could start (courtesy of ESPN) immediately.

“I’m not going to mention names. I think one of them is ready to start as a rookie. I think all the rest there are some really talented arms that need a year of learning how to play the position, especially at this level.”

Arians speaks from the vantage point of a coach in need of a young quarterback to groom as well. And since his Cardinals’ team pick at No. 13, they could select a quarterback as well.

Mitchell Trubisky shows off his arm at the scouting combine.
Mitchell Trubisky is regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the upcoming draft class. If the Chicago Bears are not considering taking a QB, teams targeting Trubisky could look to trade up. [Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]

While Arians was not going to mention names, one assumption could be that he was referring to North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Trubisky is the top quarterback on most team’s draft boards. Since quarterback is a position where teams tend to overdraft, the demand for Trubisky could get fairly high. This is especially if the two teams who draft before the Chicago Bears, the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers opt to draft defensive players.

The Chicago Bears could be in an enviable position. Other NFL teams are going to be jockeying for Trubisky if he is not taken with the first two picks.

Should the Chicago Bears trade the No. 3 pick if teams come calling?

Should the Chicago Bears draft a quarterback themselves?

A mock draft by SB Nation suggests that the Chicago Bears will draft Deshaun Watson with their pick. That mock draft came a day after the Bears signed veteran Mark Sanchez to a one-year deal (courtesy of ESPN). Plenty has been made about the Bears choosing to go with defense instead.

If the Chicago Bears decide to go with a defensive player, it will signal to some that they are looking to win as soon as possible. Much has been made about the Bears need for a starting safety, one of their draft targets.

How often is a safety taken in the top five of the NFL draft?

In the last 16 years, only three safeties were taken in the top five. They were Eric Berry, LaRon Landry, and Michael Huff. Only Berry has worked out as a long term solution. This year’s safety class is rich with players who can be drafted in the third round that are projected to be starters. The quarterback position offers no such luxury.

If the Cleveland Browns, who are rumored to be secretly enamored with a quarterback themselves were to offer the Chicago Bears a deal, what would happen? Here is one scenario: the No. 12, No. 33 and a future first round pick for the No. 3, that is a tough trade offer to pass up. The Bears could take a QB at 12 and a safety at 33.

In this case, the Browns would be able to take Myles Garrett with the top pick and Mitchell Trubisky with the third pick. Meanwhile, the Bears get value and extra draft picks. Other teams with multiple draft picks could look to do the same thing with the Chicago Bears.

What this all means is that nothing is guaranteed in the NFL draft. Also, do not for one moment think that the Chicago Bears do not have options. With NFL free agency, the Bears added depth. That can continue in the draft, but if they want to take some risks, the Chicago Bears should trade down. That way, they can get the players they want.

[Featured Image by David Banks/Getty Images]