Brad Pitt Not Dating Sandra Bullock, Weight Loss Result Of Jolie Split?

Brad Pitt has been constantly finding himself in the headlines due to his high-profile divorce from U.N. envoy and actress Angelina Jolie. The couple split in September, despite reports claiming that the pair had been estranged for nearly a year before Jolie’s shocking announcement last fall.

Since the split announcement, rumors have swirled about Brad Pitt and his supposed various romances since Jolie. Initially, a claim was made that Pitt and actress Kate Hudson were dating and were even serious enough that they were preparing to move in together. However, such claims were proven to be false.

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, Hollywood’s new glamorous couple? #BradPitt #SandraBullock

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Most recently, a new rumor has swirled that Brad Pitt is seeing actress Sandra Bullock. It’s not a surprise that after doing a bit of digging, Gossip Cop has easily debunked this ludicrous fabrication. The gossip policing site shares the details that were added to a recent edition of the Australian tabloid New Idea regarding Pitt and Bullock.

“According to the publication, Bullock and Pitt have ‘discreetly started seeing each other, with the pair taking things to the next level after a string of secret dates and private phone calls.’ The magazine alleges that Bullock dumped photographer Bryan Randall earlier this year, ‘leaving her free to pursue Brad in the wake of his messy split from wife Angelina Jolie.'”

A supposed source stated that the stars have “always had a soft spot for each other.” The tabloid scrawls a headline and adds a description of the two implying that Pitt and Bullock have always had eyes for each other and that fans of the two have been waiting for this union for years.

“‘Brad and Sandra: Yes, it’s true!’ exclaims the headline of a fake news story that wrongly claims Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock are now a couple. ‘It’s the Hollywood coupling that fans have been waiting for, and now it’s finally come true.'”

Obviously a complete untruthful tale ignited by the tabloid, the apparent source went on to insist that Sandra and Brad have always run in the same circles but that circumstances have never been right.

“They’ve always moved in the same crowd but the timing has been wrong, either he’s been with someone, or she has. But now they’re finally free to take their chemistry to the next level.”

Not only this, but it was supposedly actor George Clooney who set Pitt and Bullock up. How convenient. This story has since been debunked, but comes while Pitt is under a microscope following the dramatic events during which he was under an FBI investigation and also publicly battling it out in the courtroom for the custody of his six children. He and Jolie have now managed to seal court documents and therefore are not finding themselves in the news for the legal drama, yet recent attention has been drawn to Pitt’s thin frame since the time that the divorce and custody proceedings began.

However, when explained by a source close to the star, it’s made clear that Pitt’s thinner frame is actually due to positive changes the actor has been making in his life since the split. Brad has reportedly been eating well and exercising often, while trying to take more time for himself. Us Weekly shares the details about the latest on Pitt.

“In January, an insider told Us Weekly that Pitt ‘lost a bunch of weight’ following his split from estranged wife Angelina Jolie. ‘He’s focusing on himself again, watching what he eats and has a chef making him healthy meals,’ the source explained at the time. ‘He’s exercising. He’s been outdoors a lot, hiking and walking. He’s had a lot of time to focus on himself.'”

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