April The Giraffe Live Cam YouTube: Animal Adventure Park Calf Update

It’s the first weekend of April and just about everyone is anxiously waiting for one thing and one thing only: The birth of a giraffe calf at Animal Adventure Park in New York. Their pregnant giraffe is showing all signs that labor is imminent and that she is going to give birth to her fourth calf this weekend, but so far, we haven’t seen any hooves.

While Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch was convinced that we’d see a giraffe baby on April 1, the 24-hour window that he previously talked about is rapidly coming to a close. April only has a few more hours left to have an April Fools’ baby and it is looking like the second or third of the month is a more likely birthday for her little one.

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April the giraffe is “out of normal behavior” and showing “signs of contractions” but she is still calm, cool, and collected. You may find yourself reading the Animal Adventure Park updates and rushing over to the live feed on YouTube only to see the pregnant giraffe doing more of the same. She does seem much slower today and just a little out of it overall, but there’s no commotion and nothing to really “see” just yet. Just after noon on Saturday, a vet paid the zoo a visit to check her progress.

Animal Adventure Park took to Facebook to let fans of April know that she is still progressing and that all of her recent behaviors suggest active labor is just around the corner.

“The vet has made his second visit of the day. When we thought she could not ‘bag up’ further — she most certainly has. April is not touching her grain but is accepting carrots. You may see her lifting each leg, pinning ears, dazing off, raising tail — those behaviors are what we want to see and expect to increase in frequency. We will continue to keep you posted,” read the update.

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Adventure Animal Park has said that they will not confirm active labor until they are 100 percent certain that it’s happening. As the day progresses, everyone has been keeping an eye on the mama giraffe, watching every move closely and wondering when her body is going to decide that it’s time.

“We will wait until there is NO QUESTION – to ensure our followers know to hunker down and wait!”

April’s calf will be the first giraffe baby born at Animal Adventure Park. The zoo decided to install a camera outside of her stall and to put a live feed on YouTube so that people all over the world could watch April, witness the miracle of birth, and learn more about these incredible animals.

Giraffes are only in labor for about 20-30 minutes, so once Animal Adventure Park makes the active labor announcement, that live feed is going to be ridiculously busy — and things will progress very quickly. The mama giraffe will give birth while standing up and the calf will be born hooves-first.

Have you been watching Animal Adventure Park’s live feed on YouTube? Do you think that we’re going to see a giraffe baby this weekend?

After April gives birth, Animal Adventure Park will look to the public for a name for their new calf. There will be a contest held and people just like you will be able to make suggestions. Then, there will be a public vote, likely held on Facebook. Do you have any name suggestions?

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