‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale: Spoiler Says It’s ‘Alpha To Omega’ [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 finale brings fans a new twist in TWD lore that is best summed up as going from the Alpha to the Omega, including big twists happening to both sides.

Suffice it to say, producers for The Walking Dead will not be satisfied with giving their fans just a plain old story on the show that simply passes the time. They need a way to really get fans excited to see what comes next in Season 8. But in order to do that, they have to close one chapter of The Walking Dead saga, which is most accurately described as the Era of the Saviors.

This does not mean that the Saviors are going away on The Walking Dead, but they will not have their alpha status like they did on Season 7 after the finale. It will be more like the rise and fall of Rome, but Rome did not fall in a day.

When all out war starts on The Walking Dead, both sides will have to have equal fighting power in order for there to be battles serious enough to qualify for epic status. If you really think about, it will have fantasy-like elements to it, and characters that start sprouting up in the later years of The Walking Dead will make reference to it in both theory and fact.

Rick and his resistance coalition are gearing up for some serious role-playing on The Walking Dead, and there will be real life casualties that will not be portrayed as fantasy gaming.

Scott Gimple, the executive producer and showrunner for The Walking Dead, also weighed in with Entertainment Weekly on what’s coming on the TWD Season 7 finale and his comments have primed fans for all out war, especially in Season 8.

“I will say it’s (The Walking Dead Season 7 finale) everything,” Scott Gimple said. “It’s the highs and lows, brightness and darkness, alpha to omega, a quiet-loud-sad-happy tragiredemptive circus of emotion, anguish, and grace. I hope people feel it all come together and have that rush you feel when the roller coaster finally coasts back to the platform.”

There is also growing speculation that the Scavengers, or more specifically Jadis, have double-crossed Rick and his core group by aligning themselves with Negan and the Saviors for all out war on The Walking Dead. There is also some in-show evidence that points at this possibility.

What has become quite clear at this point is that Jadis will do whatever it takes to make her people the number one priority in the region. Fans of The Walking Dead have already seen the malice in her actions, especially when Rick and the core found them and what she did.

That included pushing Rick into a pit with a spiked zombie and giving him little to survive the showdown on Episode 10 of The Walking Dead. But after Rick emerged victorious, she decided to accept his terms and agreed to help them, with conditions that included guns.

But if theories hold up for the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, then there has been a “little birdy” whispering in Negan’s ear, giving him a tactical advantage in all out war. That little birdy could be many people, including Gregory and Enid, but it is more likely to be Jadis.

Of course this scenario for the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead plays out a little like some WWE in-the-ring-type of storytelling, but it is plausible and reasonable to assume that Jadis will take the best offer made to her for herself and her people.

Find out Sunday night when The Walking Dead Season 7 finale airs on AMC.

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