The Carrie Underwood Workout: How She Gets Those Toned Arms And Lean Legs

Chanel Adams

Carrie Underwood's fans would love to have her toned arms and lean legs. The singer loves to show them off when she's performing. And now her personal trainer is opening up about the country singer's four signature workout moves in an exclusive interview with People magazine, which was published on Thursday, March 30. Erin opera works with Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, and many other country music stars. She also shared a few of the arm workouts she does with the singer.

Underwood's personal trainer is a USANA Fitness Ambassador. She revealed that she has the singer do push-up holds, up-down planks, chin-ups, and floor dips. Underwood usually sticks to the 10 to 20 range when doing each of these workouts. However, she will aim for 30 dips.

Erin also spoke to E! News about how to get Carrie's abs just in time for bikini season. While Carrie is not the type to flaunt her midsection, it's no doubt that the singer is in shape in that area of her body. Carrie likes to do side planks with twists, sumo squat side bends, belly froggers, and lunge hold twists.

"Just remember: You can do a ton of ab work, but it's not going to matter unless you're eating clean and throwing some cardio in there, too," she said.

Longevity also revealed some of Underwood's secrets for getting ready for bikini season. Underwood stays ready all year-long by working out every day. It's easy for the country crooner since she loves working out.

Carrie doesn't believe in high-intensity workouts. She believes in going easy on herself. She likes to work out for 90 minutes, six days a week with her other personal trainer, Eve Overland. The two will do high-intensity interval training, running, weight lifting, and squat work outs. But, you don't have to work out like Carrie to get her body. If you hate the gym then just do something to get your body moving.

Tabata workouts are Underwood's favorite since they allow her to work out in a short time. It's helpful when she's on traveling on tour. One Tabata routine lasts four minutes, according to Longevity. You can also incorporate other exercises such as lunges, planks, crunches, or any others that do not require equipment.

"You have to plan things out and think ahead," Underwood said.

Some tools she uses is a workout diary to write out her fitness routines or health plan. Even if you only have ten minutes to spare, you will be ready to work out.

Underwood doesn't just workout with her personal trainers. She also likes to work out alongside her adorable two-year-old son Isaiah, according to E! News. In a recent Instagram post, Underwood shared a video of her doing yoga with her son by her side in his onesie pajamas. Since she's a singer, mom, and entrepreneur, she has to squeeze in a workout whenever she can.

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