WWE News: WWE To Unveil New NXT Championship Titles At WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando

WWE NXT has become quite popular over the past few years with many of the stars becoming major names on the main roster, but now it appears they will be pushing it even more as WWE’s third brand goes for new titles tonight. WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando will basically be the opening act for WrestleMania 33 on Sunday. The WWE Hall of Fame went great for the WWE, and only one more show is going to take place before the big one.

The last few years, WWE has killed it with NXT each time. Last year alone, some amazing matches took place and Shinsuke Nakamura made his debut against NXT stand-out Sami Zayn in what was seen as one of the top matches of the year. Now Nakamura is going to face Bobby Roode for the WWE NXT Championship. This same time last year, Asuka was set to take on then WWE NXT Women’s Champion Bayley.

Now Asuka is walking in after almost a year of holding the title since beating Bayley last year, and she will end up taking on Ember Moon. Bayley didn’t have too bad of a year either, as she enters WrestleMania 33 as the WWE RAW Women’s Champion to take on Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax. This same time last year, The Revival took on American Alpha in the NXT Tag Team Champioship match.

Asuka in Brooklyn
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Now this year, The Revival is going to battle for the same titles, this time against Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa(DIY) and The Authors of Pain. The card has familiar names to last year, but many of them are set to jump to the main roster at some point this year with a few possibly debuting as soon as this upcoming week.

However, before all of this happens Takeover has to go down and each and every one of the people on the NXT roster are seeking to become top names heading into the new WWE year. Tonight is a big night for the champions of NXT. Whether or not they retain or lose their titles, one thing is for sure. This will be the last night they see their respective title.

WWE NXT General Manager William Regal confirmed that NXT will be debuting new championship titles. He claimed that the titles will be presented to each respective NXT champion after their match. Many people like the current NXT Championship that Bobby Roode happens to be holding, as it certainly fits what the brand is with the big gold “X” making people see it as something special.

Authors of Pain
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This is why fans are hoping WWE is not going to go over the top and make these titles exactly like the titles seen on the main roster that are literally all the same. WWE fans hated when SmackDown Live debuted the women’s and tag team titles as they looked just like the ones seen on RAW, except they were blue. Meanwhile fans hated the WWE Universal Title as it exactly like the WWE Championship, except it had a red strap.

If WWE does the same thing with NXT, except changes the strap to gold or black…fans may not be very happy. However, Triple H has been adamant that WWE NXT is the company’s third brand just like WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown Live. If that is the case, changing the titles around to where they fit the main roster makes a lot of sense. However, fans of NXT like that the show is different from the main roster.

That means they do not want the show to go from the independent feel that it is in now to being something corporate. The titles being changed isn’t the issue, but rather what they change them to will determine how they react. Fans love when something is different, especially when it comes to WWE. NXT was a show run by Triple H with proper creative and impressive use of stars. Making it change around to fit a main roster ideal would destroy what it has become. That said, it would be smart of WWE to do something different. Obviously these titles are older and need to be changed up. It just depends how at the end of the day.

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