42 Arrested, 2 Officers Injured In Brawl At San Jose House Party [Video]

2 officers injured at San Jose house party

San Jose, CA — Forty-two people were arrested during a house party in which dozens of officers were attacked by drunken partygoers.

Neighbors on the 3000 block of Patt Avenue called police just before 11 pm Friday to report that shots had been fired at the home where the party was happening. The first officers to arrive at the house noticed several guests jumping the fence into the backyard to escape from police.

Some guests at the party began throwing glass objects at the officers. One was hit by an object and someone tried to drag him to the rear of the house. The police officer was able to escape.

Another officer was also injured during the incident, and both officers were treated by medical staff. One was taken to a hospital for moderate injuries, and the other was treated at the scene and released.

People inside and outside the house continued to throw objects at the police officers and refused to cooperate.

Officers called for back up and attempted to reason with residents and guests. They were met with resistance. Eventually, about 60 officers had shown up to the home, along with reinforcements from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, which dispatched a helicopter for aerial support.

Everyone at the property “surrendered” after a standoff of several hours.

Some of the 42 people arrested will face various charges, including assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer.

Those who are facing the most serious charges were booked into the Santa Clara County Jail or Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall. Others were issued citations and released.