WWE Hall of Fame Rumors: WWE Stars Hint At Future Inductees

When both presenters and inductees give their speeches at the WWE Hall of Fame over WrestleMania weekend, there are often ulterior motives when they mention certain names. There are plenty of wrestlers and superstars who have not made it to the WWE Hall of Fame that many people think should go in.

In their speeches last night at the WWE Hall of Fame, Jim Cornette, The Rock N Roll Express, Diamond Dallas Page, Beth Phoenix, Kurt Angle, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat all dropped names that many fans have wanted to see inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame for years and the reaction from fans in attendance should tell the WWE everything they need to know.

The biggest mention came from Jim Cornette and the Rock N Roll Express, as they both openly called for the WWE to induct the Midnight Express into the WWE Hall of Fame. When Cornette was introducing the Rock N Roll Express, he said that every hero needed a great villain to succeed and the Midnight Express were those villains for the Rock N Roll Express, mentioning all three members – Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey, and Stan Lane.

When the Rock N Roll Express came up to accept their nomination, they finished off their speech with a call for the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette to enter the WWE Hall of Fame. Ricky Morton then called Jim Cornette the best manager of all time.

WWE Hall of Fame Rumors: WWE Stars Hint At Future Inductees
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The next biggest call-out at the WWE Hall of Fame this year came when two different people mentioned Chyna. The first was a small name drop by Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. When he was introducing the family of the late Ravishing Rick Rude, he mentioned that Rude was the enforcer of the original Degeneration X with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Chyna. The mention of Chyna’s name caused a huge cheer from the crowd.

The cheer was even louder when Beth Phoenix was accepting her WWE Hall of Fame induction award. Basically, Phoenix mentioned almost every WWE female superstar that worked in the company during her speech, but then took the time to talk about Chyna.

According to Beth Phoenix, she would never have made it in the WWE if not for Chyna opening the door for her. Phoenix said that she never met Chyna, but gives her all the credit in the world for allowing a non-traditional looking female wrestler to succeed. The crowd, once again, went nuts with the mention of Chyna’s name.

When Natalya was introducing Beth Phoenix, she mentioned how the two were very similar and there was jealousy on Natalya’s part. However, that changed when she got a letter from Beth saying that the Hat family was the reason she wanted to become a wrestler and pointed out Owen Hart specifically.

WWE Hall of Fame Rumors: WWE Stars Hint At Future Inductees
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This was a huge moment because the WWE flashed a photo of Owen Hart on the screen when Natalya was talking about this and a chant for Owen started up. Fans have wanted Owen in the WWE Hall of Fame for years but legal conflicts with Hart’s widow has made it hard. One wonders if the mention of Owen Hart and the photo showed signifies that maybe he could finally make his way into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Someone else that Beth Phoenix mentioned was Molly Holly. According to Phoenix, it was Molly Holly who paid for her to train for the WWE and was responsible for her finally getting into the WWE. A lot of WWE wrestlers have pointed to Molly Holly as an important figure for the women’s division and her time is likely to come when it comes to the WWE Hall of Fame.

While he is already a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, both Diamond Dallas Page and Kurt Angle talked openly about the importance of Hulk Hogan in their career. With the idea that Hulk could return to the WWE one day, this open conversation about him means that he might end up back sooner rather than later.

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