Jennifer Lopez Sued: Too Busy Loving On A-Rod To Promote Hoverboards?

Jennifer Lopez has found herself in a bit of legal hot water after a hoverboard company filed a lawsuit claiming that she didn’t hold up her end of a deal to promote their brand. Was the Shades of Blue actress too busy getting hot and heavy with her new love interest, Alex Rodriguez and missed her opportunity to name drop the Sidekick Group product?

Back in 2015, Jennifer Lopez reportedly signed a deal with the Hoverboard manufacturer according to Variety. They gave Lopez 42 custom hoverboards to use during her Planet Hollywood show in Las Vegas. As part of the deal, J-Lo was supposed to promote the hoverboards on Instagram and Twitter.

It looks like Lopez did sort of do what she promised when she posted a video from one of her shows back in May 2016 that showed a dancer on top of one of the hoverboards but that was it. She wrote, “The #AllIHave dancers killing it on their @SideKickWheels.”

That didn’t fulfill her agreement, though, according to the lawsuit. They claim that Jennifer Lopez was supposed to post about the Sidekick hoverboards at least once every three months, either on Instagram or Twitter. Sounds easy enough right? Well, Jennifer Lopez didn’t end up posting more than just that one time and now the Sidekick Group wants her to pay up.

Jennifer Lopez hoverboard lawsuit claims she didn't promote Sidekick Group on social media
LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 20: Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez (C) performs with dancers during the launch of her residency "JENNIFER LOPEZ: ALL I HAVE" at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on January 20, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

According to the lawsuit, each hoverboard retails for $1,295 and they the Sidekick Group wants Jennifer Lopez to pay full retail for all of the hoverboards that they supplied since she failed to promote them on social media. They’re asking for $54,390, which covers the full cost of all of the hoverboards, not even giving the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer credit for the one Instagram video where she actually did name drop the hoverboard brand.

So what happened that caused Jennifer Lopez to not bother keeping her deal with the hoverboard company? Did she just forget to talk about hoverboards on Instagram? Was J-Lo too busy spending time with her new boo Alex Rodriguez and it slipped her mind? It seems like promoting the Sidekick Group would have been simple. One post every three months isn’t a lot to ask and she could have even set the posts up ahead of time to auto-post to social media. Or let’s be real, Jennifer Lopez’s management team could have set the posts up ahead of time to fulfill the post every three months deal but that’s not what happened.

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According to Slate, the Sidekick Group has a pretty good case against Jennifer Lopez. They pointed out that while there have been a lot of problems with hoverboards in recent years, it seems as if the Sidekick Group has been more than gracious in their deal with J.Lo. Her dancers did use them in her Las Vegas residency show and she did make a profit from that performance. She also did fail to promote the company, as agreed.

It’s not like Jennifer Lopez hasn’t been using her social media either. She’s on it all the time. There are constant videos and pictures being uploading to J. Lo’s Instagram, showing off her friends and family. She also takes and shares plenty of pictures from her shows and from pretty much every other aspect of her life. So why did Jennifer Lopez flake out on her deal to promote Sidekick hoverboards?

There’s also a point being made in the Sidekick Group’s lawsuit over Jennifer Lopez’s failure to promote their brand on social media. They are only asking the entertainer to cover the cost of the 42 hoverboards that she was given. They aren’t hitting J. Lo up for legal fees or damages. They aren’t claiming lost sales due to her failure to post on social media and they probably did miss out on some profits. The whole idea behind having Lopez post about their brand is to push her fans to buy one right? Maybe Jennifer should be grateful that they aren’t asking for more money.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez should just pay up the $54,390 to cover the cost of 42 hoverboards that were given to her for use in her shows? Or should J. Lo fight back and try to avoid what is probably a drop in the bucket for the superstar? Sound off on the Jennifer Lopez vs. Sidekick Group hoverboard lawsuit in the comments section below.

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