‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Sarah Drew Wants April And Jackson To Be ‘Endgame’

Jackson and April already hooked up once during Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, but will they get together again before the season finale? Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew recently spoke with Hollywood Life and is hopeful Jackson and April are an endgame.

When asked about Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April’s steamy hookup in Montana a few episodes back, Drew dished that their relationship could take several different directions in the near future. She admitted that they might get back together or they could realize they work better as friends. Either way, Drew is confident that they will always love each other.

“I think there are a lot of different ways it could really make sense. The ultimate takeaway that I have from what transpired is that they know each other extremely well. There will always be love between them,” she stated. “They will always need each other in some way.”

Grey’s Anatomy featured Jackson hooking up with April during a Montana getaway earlier this season, but the two haven’t been back in each other’s arms since. When asked if the two are an endgame, Drew is confident that they’ll find their way back eventually.

“OMG! Yes! I always hope for them to be endgame. There’s so much love there, and they got a baby and they’ve gone through so much.”

Whatever ends up happening, at least Jackson can move forward without his father’s past dragging him down. During their trip to Montana, Jackson got some much needed closure from his father, Robert Avery (Eric Roberts), who left his mother when he was young.

“It’s somewhat therapeutic. There is a degree of closure to be able to give someone a chance to be able to represent themselves and be able to say what it is you need to say,” Williams shared on the episode. “It’s better than nothing and Jackson can now put this big, scary mythical blob a little bit in his rear view and get a little bit of weight off his shoulders and move on with his life.”


Of course, Jackson and April’s hookup was the biggest takeaway from the special episode of Grey’s Anatomy. For Williams, the fact that Jackson and April slept together will have a major impact on their future together.

Not only does Williams believe their romance is back on, but he believes their night together will bring them closer as a couple. After all, Jackson and April were already close given their past together and they still confide in each other. Even if this doesn’t lead to a full-on romance, fans can rest assured that Jackson and April will always be in each other’s lives.

Whether or not that means Jackson and April will get back together before the season finale is another matter. This is, after all, Grey’s Anatomy and anything can happen in the coming episodes. We can only hope that nothing drastic tears Jackson and April apart.


Speaking of the finale, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Drew also shared that the cast has read the script for the penultimate installment this year. The actress didn’t go into a lot of details about the last few episodes, but she did promise fans that the end is going to be filled with drama.

Although many fans would love nothing more than to see Jackson and April together, Us Magazine reported that others believe their Montana hookup was a total mistake. Following the episode, many fans took to social media to express their dislike with what happened in the hotel. Considering their rocky history together, they might be right.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursday nights on ABC.

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