WWE Rumors ‘WrestleMania 33’: Major Spoilers For Triple H Vs. Rollins Revealed

WWE rumors about the upcoming WrestleMania 33 are surfacing with each passing day. The latest reports have revealed major spoilers for the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match.

Both Triple H and Seth Rollins are among top superstars on RAW, and their storyline has been developed over a long time. Their match was initially planned for the WrestleMania 32, but Rollins’ injury derailed the plans.

WWE rumors had earlier suggested that Rollins would miss the WrestleMania 33 too due to injuries that he had sustained a few months before the event. But, WWE used the injury as a build-up to the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match.

Seth Rollins has not completely recovered from his injury yet, and there are genuine concerns that he might jeopardize his wrestling career by participating at the upcoming WrestleMania. Although Rollins determination is commendable, it would be impossible for him to give a top-notch performance.

Seth Rollins vs Triple H match Will Be Unsanctioned
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Triple H had agreed to the match only if it was Non-Sanctioned and Rollins signed a Hold Harmless Agreement. The match was confirmed only after Seth Rollins obliged.

It is rumored that WWE might have concerns for the match and is planning interferences by two superstars to make the match more interesting. This will also partially take the focus away from Rollins.

The first interference in the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match will be by Samoa Joe. He was responsible for Rollins’ injury when the later was attacked on Monday Night RAW. WWE is planning to bring that angle in the match.

Joe has been Triple H’s hitman since his debut on the main roster. He has attacked anyone who Triple H considers as an enemy, and this is likely to continue at the WrestleMania 33.

WWE rumors suggest that Joe will intervene during the match and attack Rollins, as reported by Wrestlezone. It is worth noting that he does not have a match at the upcoming event.

The second interference in the match is going to be Finn Balor. He has recovered from his injury and is medically cleared to enter the ring. However, given the short duration of time between his recovery and Mania, WWE could not plan a feud for him.

It is rumored that WWE is planning a grand return for him. Fans are not expecting him at WrestleMania, and his surprise entry could be one of the biggest moments of the night. He will act as an equalizer to Samoa Joe.

It is unlikely that Seth Rollins will announce him before the match as Rollins and Balor have some beef to settle after the SummerSlam. Fans can expect Balor to make a surprise entrance during the match.

WWE has not planned a feud for Balor once he returns to Monday Night RAW. His interference in the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match could help him set up a feud with Samoa Joe at the grandest stage of all.

Finn Balor and Samoa Joe at WrestleMania 33
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Balor’s interference will give him a lot of momentum going into Monday Night RAW. It is also speculated that he could invoke the rematch close for the WWE Universal Championship and face either Brock Lesnar or Goldberg.

At the time of writing this, reports have also emerged suggesting that Seth Rollins may be suffering from pneumonia. If true, it could lead to cancellation of the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match.

WWE could replace Rollins with Finn Balor if the former is not medically cleared to compete. However, the video was posted on WWE’s official YouTube page and looks more like a “Will Seth Make it to WrestleMania” video indicating that he would be at WrestleMania 33.

It remains to be seen how would Finn Balor and Samoa Joe interfere in the match and impact the outcome. It is also important for Seth Rollins to win the match and make a comeback which makes the interference even more interesting.

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