Camel Roams Calif. Streets After Busting Out Of Circus

A camel roamed California streets briefly in Glendale this weekend after a short-lived escape, but the animal has been captured and returned to its daily grind.

Images as the camel roamed California streets in a residential area bounced around the web as amused internet surfers giggled — and since we know no people or animals were injured, it’s okay to laugh at the wanderlust-afflicted creature and the probably hella confused Glendale residents.

The camel that roamed California streets was part of the Ramos Bros. Circus, and during regular exercises on Friday, the spooked beast took off.

Co-owner of the Ramos Bros. Circus, Douglas Ramos, says that everything was going fine until someone dropped a wrench and spooked the camel, inspiring the animal to take off for the California suburbs at a trot. Maybe it wanted some Pinkberry or an In-And-Out Burger. Camels! They’re just like us!

However, Glendale residents report a scene straight out of a slapstick comedy. As the camel roamed the California streets, witness Diana Madison describes a strange sight of one camel, booking it, tailed by several alarmed humans.

(We’re almost rooting for the camel here to make it all the way to Hollywood and against all odds become a film star, sitting down with Barbara Walters or getting papped by TMZ.)

Sad CamelMadison says:

“Literally there was 10 people running after this camel, it was craziness on the street, I heard kids yelling and screaming.”

But Ramos has a good sense of humor about his errant camel, saying that maybe she went roaming for a purpose.

“You know, we do this every day. This time I guess she just wanted to go shopping or something, I don’t know. Black Friday deals.”

Ultimately, the camel roaming California streets was lured back with a carrot when she stopped at a gas station — to ask directions, maybe?