Last Minute April Fools Day Pranks That Will Get Your Friends/Family Really Good

April Fools Day is here again! If you’re a true prankster you don’t wait on the actual day to plan your best work. Chances are you’ve been working on something elaborate for months now. But if you’re just a casual prankster then you may be looking for some last minute prank ideas so that you can get your friends/family really good.

So, we’ve scoured the web, mainly Youtube, to find some really good last minute April Fools Day joke ideas. Please use responsibly!

Toothpaste in the Oreos: You’ll get a kick out of seeing your friends screw their faces when they realize you’ve swapped the sweet cream filling out with minty fresh toothpaste. This is a pretty simple prank to do and doesn’t require much planning.

You got a “B” On Your Back: For this one all you need is a sticker with the letter “B” on it. Slap it on someone’s back and watch them scramble to take off their shirt when you tell them, “you’ve got a ‘B’ on your back.” Go to minute 1:54 of the video below to see how it’s done.

Booby Trap On The Door: For this one all you’ll need is stuff that you probably already have around the house: tape, rice, and a plastic cup. What you’ll do is tape a plastic cup to a door knob and then fill it with rice. When someone turns the knob from the other side they’ll spill the rice on to the floor. If rice is too tame for you, try filling the cup with a liquid and watch your target get upset when that gets all over their shoes. At minute 6:21 of the video below, you’ll see a nice demo of this perfect last minute April Fools Day prank in action.

Ketchup In The Orange: What better time to prank someone than early in the morning when they’re still sleepy and trying to get breakfast. With this prank, you’ll need some fruit with a tough skin like an orange or grapefruit, a syringe, and some type of liquid or gel that really shouldn’t be in a fruit. Think toothpaste or ketchup. You’ll need to use the syringe to transfer the gooey substance into the orange. When they first peel it, it will seem like nothing is wrong but when they go to separate the slices, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise.

Tape Over the Mobile Phone Battery: This one is sure to drive anyone insane since people are so attached to their phones these days. When your victim isn’t looking, find their phone and open it up. Take out the battery and put some scotch tape over the metallic part that connects to the rest of the phone. That will make the battery and phone inoperable. Sit back and watch the abject horror on your target’s face when they realize their beloved mobile phone suddenly won’t turn on.

While these prank ideas are easy to pull off, you could conveniently use April Fools Day for other purposes as well. For example, today may just be the best day to propose if you are in a relationship and wondering if you should take things to the next level.

So, whether you’re out to prank someone or you’re the one being pranked, remember nothing is sacred on April Fools Day.


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