Terrence Roach: Man Allegedly Killed Aleah Beckerle, Had Sex With Her Dead Body

Terrence Roach allegedly abducted disabled teenager Aleah Beckerle last summer and had intercourse with her body in an abandoned home after she died, police said this week.

Beckerle’s disappearance in July sparked a massive search across the city of Evansville and the state of Indiana, and her body was finally found this week in an abandoned home. That led police to arrest 24-year-old Terrence Roach, the son of the former boyfriend of Beckerle’s mother, for allegedly murdering the 19-year-old.

As TriStateHomepage.com reported, Roach confessed to smoking synthetic marijuana when the idea of abducting Aleah “popped in his head.” Roach, who was living in a home next to Beckerle at the time, admitting breaking into the home of the disabled teen and picking her up, carrying her out of the home through a window.

Roach then drove to an abandoned home with Aleah Beckerle, the report added, where the teen died.

The case grew more gruesome from there, the report noted.

“After taking her inside the home, Roach stated that he used duct tape on Aleah but she died while in the house, the affidavit states. After Aleah had died, Roach admitted that he had sexual intercourse with her, according to the affidavit.”

Beckerle’s disappearance made national headlines over the summer, with her case being featured on Dateline. It was particularly noteworthy given Beckerle’s severe disability. The Indiana teenager suffered a stroke as an infant that left her unable to walk and in need of round-the-clock care. Her mother, Cara Beckerle, said she awoke on the morning of July 17 to find her daughter gone from her room and no sign of where she went, NBC News noted.

There were some signs to family members that Terrence Roach may have been involved in Aleah Beckerle’s disappearance. Roach’s stepfather, Glen Eastwood, said he confronted Roach at the time the teen went missing.

This [expletive] is crazy because I asked him a long time ago when she went missing,” Eastwood told TriStateHomepage.com. “This [expletive] is just so damn weird. It seems like a damn nightmare. I asked him if he did something to help that girl out of that house that he should let me know. His response was kind of weird like, ‘it wouldn’t matter now.'”

During the summer, there was speculation that Aleah’s mother could have been involved in her disappearance. Though she was never named an official suspect by police, Cara Beckerle shot down the rumors in an interview with TriStateHomepage.com.

“Well I understand, because they don’t know me personally, so, and it’s happened before, where parents have hurt their own children, or what not. This is not the case. I got involved with some people I should have never got involved with, but it happened,” Beckerle said.

This is not the first time Terrence Roach has been in trouble with the law. He has been charged with a number of felonies in the last four years alone, TriStateHomepage.com noted, including criminal recklessness involving serious bodily injury in 2013 and attempted robbery resulting in bodily injury in 2014.

Beckerle’s disappearance had a strong effect on those involved, including lead investigator Brent Melton, who held back tears during an interview with TriStateHomepage.com.

“This has been eight months of emotions,” he said. “I can’t word it any other way to say that I’m just happy that this poor innocent child — or adult that is a child — has finally gotten justice coming. She’s at rest. It’s an emotional day. That’s all I can really say.”

After the arrest of Terrence Roach for the abduction and murder of Aleah Beckerle, police hinted that their work was not done. They said there are more people still to be interviewed in the case of the teen’s abduction and murder.

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