Rob Franklin: Malia Obama’s Rumored Boyfriend Looks A Lot Like Her Dad

Rob Franklin might be Malia Obama’s new boyfriend, but some outlets think the Stanford graduate looks a lot like another man in her life — her dad, former President Barack Obama.

The former first daughter has moved to New York City where she has taken on a full-time internship with one of the movie industry’s biggest firms and was recently spotted with a Stanford graduate named Rob Franklin. They were seen walking together, with Franklin wearing what appeared to be a bathrobe.

There are rumors that the 18-year-old Malia is dating Franklin, though TMZ reported that they may just be friends.

“TMZ has learned his name is Rob Franklin… he and Malia met at a Men’s Fashion Week event in NYC. He graduated from Stanford a couple years ago, and now has a media gig in the Big Apple.

“We’re told Rob’s circle of friends are well aware he’s been hanging out with Malia, but everyone’s heard the same thing… it’s strictly platonic.”

Hollywood Life noted that Malia has been focused heavily on her internship in New York and doesn’t have much time for dating. She works at the Weinstein Company, which could be Malia’s entry to the world of movies.

Malia is still planning to start Harvard University in the fall, the report added.

“At only 18-years old, Malia is KILLING IT at the Weinstein Company. She’s reading and pitching scripts to top executives in the business and has plenty of room to grow,” the report noted. “The brunette beauty will also be attending Harvard University in the Fall. SLAY, GIRL, SLAY!”

But Michelle and Barack Obama’s oldest daughter has time for work and fun in New York. She has been spotted hanging out with friends, including her outings with Rob Franklin.

Franklin runs in the same circle of friends as Malia Obama, Hollywood Life reported. The two reportedly started hanging out in recent days and were spotted together taking a stroll in New York. That sparked rumors that the may now be more than just friends.

Many outlets noted that Rob Franklin bears a resemblance to Barack Obama, Malia’s dad.

There are other reports that Malia Obama is still single, but has been using a secret social media account to look for a boyfriend.

While it’s not clear if Malia Obama and Rob Franklin are dating, it does seem certain that Malia has become a favorite target for tabloids. Even before she moved out of the White House, Malia was the subject of a number of salacious stories, with reports of her drinking and going to parties.

That may not be unusual for a high school college graduate, but some outlets took it a step further. In a story late last year, Radar Online speculated that Malia Obama’s absence from the spotlight for a few weeks may mean that she was shipped off to rehab.

“Malia’s been caught up in a lot of scandal, and now she’s been MIA at a lot of family events. People are wondering if she went to rehab or if she’s just hiding out,” a source told the site.

There was no evidence to back the speculation that Malia headed off to rehab, and her full-time internship in New York with Harvard on the way in the fall seems to indicate that she’s got her life together pretty well.

As for the speculation about whether Rob Franklin is really her boyfriend, Malia Obama hasn’t spoken about it publicly.

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