Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam: April The Giraffe Pregnancy Is ‘Not A Hoax’

People have been viewing Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam for weeks, and as today is April 1 — April Fool’s Day — and many are still unsure whether it’s all a hoax. And as usual, some people are taking to social media to quip about how long it’s taking for April to give birth. But with its two newest updates, the Harpursville, N.Y. park made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that April the Giraffe’s pregnancy is for real, and that the 15-year-old viral sensation’s fourth calf should be born soon, even if it’s impossible to accurately predict when this would take place.

Earlier this morning, Animal Adventure Park live giraffe cam viewers were having issues viewing the live stream on YouTube, but this was explained by the park as the result of an “internet outage” on their end. Park officials stressed that this was not a sign that April the Giraffe’s pregnancy would be an April Fool’s Day hoax, as some have theorized.

“Nothing wrong with April and baby and no this is not the hoax many anticipated.”

With AAP having debunked the possibility of an April Fool’s Day joke or hoax, the park’s new April the Giraffe update for Saturday morning suggests that April is still showing signs that she may be about to give birth sometime this weekend. In the meantime, AAP stressed that people should keep their expectations reasonable and hang on to their seats until it is absolutely sure April is ready to give birth.

“Keepers and Vet have been on site – report is that April continues to be out of normal behavior and show signs of contractions. We are not announcing active labor at this time – as we will wait until there is NO QUESTION – to ensure our followers know to hunker down and wait!”

This may be a much less eventful updated than what was hoped for, but Friday’s evening update, as the Inquisitr reported, seemed like a good sign that April’s almost ready to give birth.

“Keeper report – April has zero interest in food. Behavior is extremely off. Signs of contractions continue.”

Unfortunately for those who have been anticipating the promised text alerts, AAP noted that their source for the alerts “did not pan out,” and that they’re still working on getting these alerts ready for showtime. Two days ago, the park stated that the alerts will notify users via text messaging when April is in active labor, while providing exclusive content such as photos and videos, even after April gives birth to her calf. In the meantime, it looks like the best thing to do would be to stay tuned to the Animal Adventure Park giraffe cam for real-time updates.

Even with Animal Adventure Park frequently reassuring giraffe cam viewers that April’s pregnancy is real, that hasn’t stopped many social media users from expressing their doubts, according to the Washington Post. Aside from the obvious and common insinuation that it may all be an April Fool’s joke, some users have posited that the live giraffe cam, with its Toys ‘R’ Us ad and all, may be on an endless loop. Others even went as far as suggesting April may have given birth all along, having done so during a livestream outage. Still, Animal Adventure Park’s April the Giraffe updates leave little doubt to the legitimacy of the pregnancy, and chances remain good that April may give birth over the weekend, if not specifically today.

Are you currently on Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe cam, watching as April the Giraffe prepares to give birth? Will her calf be an April Fool’s Day baby, or are you expecting her to give birth within the next day or two? Any ideas for baby names, by any chance? Let us know in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Animal Adventure Park/Instagram]