Heather Morris To Channel Britney Spears On ‘DWTS’ As Maks Nurses Injury

Heather Morris is not that innocent. The actress is about to get in touch with her “toxic” side, and she’s hoping that Dancing with the Stars viewers will be addicted to her dance moves after she takes them on a voyage to her “poison paradise.”

In case you haven’t already guessed, Heather Morris is going to perform to the song “Toxic” on next week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. According to Buddy TV, the DWTS ballroom will be transformed into Sin City for Vegas Night. The Britney Spears song that Heather Morris will tango to fits with the theme because Spears performs it during her successful Vegas show. However, as Glee fans know, this isn’t the only reason the song was picked for Morris.

Heather Morris hasn’t emerged as the Dancing with the Stars frontrunner just yet, but the DWTS producers just helped her hide an ace up her sleeve for Vegas Night by choosing a Britney Spears song for her. Morris already proved that she can do a spot-on imitation of the singer on Glee, and fans of the show will love getting to see her do it again. However, Morris wasn’t dancing to “Toxic” in her most memorable Britney/Brittany scene on Glee. After slipping under in Dr. Carl’s dentist chair, Brittany dreamed about performing “I’m a Slave 4 U.” The character’s nitrous oxide-induced fantasy included a few costume changes, and one of them was Britney Spears’ sparkly nude bodysuit from the “Toxic” music video. There’s no word on whether Heather Morris will be wearing a similar costume on Monday night.

There’s also no word on whether Heather Morris will incorporate any sexy, Britney Spears-style dance moves into her tango routine. As Gold Derby points out, judge Len Goodman was not a happy camper when she busted out a few hip-hop moves during her jive routine.

“The jive you did I enjoyed, but I know you’re great at hip-hop dance because you’ve been a backing dancer with Beyonce,” Goodman said. “I don’t want to see that! I don’t want to see you out here shaking and baking, I want to see the jive.”

The other judges were fine with Heather’s hip-hop breakdown, so perhaps she’ll risk making Len grumpy again by doing a few of her favorite Britney moves during her tango. Doing so could pay off if viewers have a positive reaction to her routine and throw some of their votes her way.

Last week, Heather’s score of 30 out of 40 placed her near the top of the leaderboard in third place. However, her Dancing with the Stars journey has gotten off to a rough start. Some fans have complained that her past dance experience gives her an unfair advantage over the other competitors, and now she’s lost her popular pro partner. Maks Chmerkovskiy has an injured calf, and it’s possible that he could be out for the rest of the season.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Chmerkovskiy’s injury is much worse than he’s letting on. The professional dancer has said that he’ll be back in action in a few weeks, but an insider revealed that this may be impossible.

“He told everyone he will be back in a couple of weeks but that isn’t true, it’s a lot worse than everyone initially thought,” the source said. “Doctors are insisting that Maks sit out for at least a month, but knowing Maks he will try and rush it and get back into the competition.”

Maks Chmerkovskiy recently underwent a stem cell procedure, and he’s hopeful that it will help him heal faster. As E! News reports, Maks has said that he’s determined to “come back and win.” While he heals, Heather will continue training and performing with DWTS troupe member Alan Bersten.

You can watch Heather Morris channel her inner Britney Spears again when Dancing with the Stars airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]