Joy-Anna Duggar Wanted To Defy Parents By Taking Control Of Her Love Life

Joy-Anna Duggar recently revealed that she didn’t want to sit around and wait for Prince Charming to come to her. However, the 19-year-old Counting On star was talked out of taking control of her love life.

Joy-Anna Duggar is engaged to 23-year-old Austin Forsyth, and she couldn’t be happier. However, the teen admits that it was tough waiting for someone to seek permission to woo her. A guy who is interested in courting a Duggar girl has to go through her father first, and Jim Bob Duggar decides whether he wants the love-stricken lad as a future son-in-law. If Jim Bob doesn’t think that a guy is marriage material, the wannabe suitor will never get to go on a chaperoned date with a Duggar daughter.

Joy-Anna Duggar recently told Crown of Beauty Magazine that there was a time when she questioned her parents’ restrictive rules on romantic relationships. Joy-Anna was asked to offer “encouragement and advice” to girls who are “still waiting for God to bring their future husbands,” and she warned all the lonely single ladies out there not to give in to the same temptation that she had to fight. Instead of waiting for a guy to take an interest in her, Joy-Anna wanted to do things her own way.

“Through my single years and coming into my relationship with Austin I learned to, number one, TRUST the lord,” Joy-Anna said. “And number two, that God works through the authority he’s placed in my life.”

“So many times I could’ve tried to do things my own way and ‘help God out,’ but through the scriptures and godly counsel from my parents and others, they encouraged me to give my love life to God and to let him lead me to whoever he had for me.”

The guy that Joy-Anna Duggar was “led” to was right under her nose. According to Us Weekly, Austin Forsyth’s family has known the Duggars for 15 years. Austin is good friends with a few of Joy-Anna’s brothers, and he began making regular visits to the Duggars’ home five years ago. According to People, Austin has admitted that he had more than one conversation with Jim Bob about his desire to court Joy-Anna before he was granted permission to ask her to enter into a courtship.

“I’m hoping that Mr. Jim Bob will say yes, but he’s said in the past that it might be a little while,” Austin told the Counting On cameras before he was filmed asking Joy-Anna’s father for permission to court her. “Lord willing, he’ll say yes.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Austin told Jim Bob that he’s attracted to Joy-Anna because she’s a “diligent worker.” Austin makes a living flipping houses, so perhaps he wants a wife who can help him tackle tough jobs like painting walls, mowing lawns, and laying tile. The Duggars also flip houses, and Jessa Duggar told the Duggar Family Blog that Joy-Anna is a member of the family’s “dynamic tile-laying team.”

Joy-Anna Duggar hasn’t revealed her wedding date yet, but she has admitted that she doesn’t get a say in how fast her relationship progresses. When People asked her if she was planning on getting married anytime soon, she told the magazine to talk to Austin Forsyth and Jim Bob Duggar.

“You would have to ask Austin what he’s thinking and my dad, but I’m excited to see what God has in store for us in the next year,” Joy-Anna said.

Because the Counting On star has relinquished control of her future to her father and husband, all she can do is pray that the men share her vision of what she wants the future to hold. According to Joy-Anna, her desires don’t differ from those of her married sisters. When she was asked what she wants her life to look like five years from now, she revealed that she has only two goals.

“Lord willing, I’ll be a wife and mother,” Joy-Anna Duggar said.

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