Surprising Reason Why Stone Cold Steve Austin Will Miss ‘Wrestlemania 33’

Stone Cold Steve Austin won’t be in Orlando for Wrestlemania 33 at all because of a shocking reason. Many people are surprised because even if he’s not a part of the event, Austin is known to enjoy the show behind the scenes with the rest of the WWE locker room and WWE Legends. However, Stone Cold won’t be a part of Wrestlemania at all this year, which included missing the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony last night.

He was backstage for an edition of Monday Night Raw back in February. Austin was in Los Angeles to visit some friends while WWE was in Los Angeles and The Rock’s filming got all the attention, but he was behind the scenes roughly a month before the grandest stage of them all. The WWE Universe was curious if he had some discussions with WWE officials about a role for Wrestlemania 33, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Stone Cold also made a surprise appearance last year in Dallas for Wrestlemania 32, but he did suffer a torn rotator cuff during his appearance. With all of this going on, is Stone Cold Steve Austin not going to Orlando in some kind of protest against WWE or is there a specific reason why he will be missing the show this year?

Kurt Angle Was Inducted Into the WWE Hall of Fame
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Overall, the reception to the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony has been extremely positive. A lot of people thought it was a great night, but it was also a triumphant and very fun return for Kurt Angle to WWE. It was a great start to the Wrestlemania 33 weekend, but Stone Cold missed it. He would have been another face in a crowd of WWE personnel, but Austin has always described the Hall of Fame as one of his favorite nights.

Not to mention, Angle mentioned him specifically for helping him out so much during his WWE career, and the two had an important rivalry during the Attitude Era. A knowledgeable WWE fan would be curious why Austin didn’t want to be there for Kurt’s night or for the rest of the weekend. It has been reported that Stone Cold confirmed earlier this week that he would be enjoying Wrestlemania at home this year for some reason.

Of course, the Texas Rattlesnake is not obligated to be present for Wrestlemania 33 weekend, but he’s been around more often than not during the grandest stage of them all. Many people are suspicious why he chose to stay home instead. Unfortunately, the WWE Universe may not like the answer.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Returned Backstage During Last Nights Raw
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After Wrestlemania 32, it was reported that Stone Cold Steve Austin might have made his last appearance on WWE programming. Over the past year, his claim has gotten stronger with Stone Cold saying he won’t make another appearance inside a WWE ring. It’s possible that Austin knew the camera would be on him during a Hall of Fame speech from Kurt Angle, so he elected to stay home with his family to enjoy Wrestlemania 33.

Another possibility is just that Stone Cold didn’t feel like traveling this year and wanted to be comfortable at home this year. Wrestlemania is the grandest stage of them all, but going every year for the entire weekend can become tiring after awhile. Austin may have just needed a year off, especially since he just visited Raw a little over a month ago. The Rattlesnake may have something personal going on that he chose over Orlando.

A lot can happen between now and never. Although Stone Cold may never wrestle another match for WWE again, it seems unlikely that he’ll never appear on WWE programming again. The WWE Universe will keep asking questions about his reasoning for skipping Wrestlemania, so he will give a more detailed explanation sooner rather than later.

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