‘Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ridge Begs Brooke For Another Chance

Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) knows he acted badly and needs to pay for his poor choices. He hopes that he can convince Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) to give him another chance. It doesn’t look good for Ridge, as the love of his life, Brooke, inches closer to rekindling a romance with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont).

According to the April 10 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Ridge is determined to make things right with Brooke so they can become a family unit again.

“It’s time to pay the piper,” Bold and Beautiful star Thorsten Kaye revealed.

“Ridge acted badly. He acknowledges that and really hopes that they can move past this. He knows he was wrong and says so, but is that going to be enough to convince Brooke to stay?”

Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Ridge tries to explain how he and Quinn (Rena Sofer) went from enemies to friends with (minor) benefits. Brooke seemed to understand how it happened between them, but she seemed concerned that it could happen again.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest that Ridge puts her in panic mode when he can’t promise that he wouldn’t “have a moment” with Quinn again.

“Ridge has a dark side, and so does Quinn,” Kaye explained.

“It was that weird force that pulled these people together, despite their love for other people. As much as Ridge loves Brooke and how long their relationship has been valid, I think Quinn loves Eric (John McCook) deeply, much more than she realized, and she has so much more to lose.”

Bold and Beautiful spoilers point out that Ridge tries to explain that he doesn’t want Quinn — he wants a life with her. Ridge also tells her that Quinn doesn’t want to lose Eric over this; after all, they haven’t been physical, so in his mind, it’s not a real affair.

Brooke isn’t ready to forgive and forget just yet. In fact, Bold and Beautiful spoilers suggest that she hasn’t ruled out telling Eric about their betrayal.

“Brooke had those nagging feelings that something between Quinn and Ridge was not right. Katie tried telling her but she didn’t want to hear it.”

Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke is mad at herself for not believing Katie (Heather Tom) when she repeatedly came to her with her suspicions about Quinn and Ridge. At this point, she feels foolish and she’s worried that other people know about their connection.

“There’s nothing worse than not listening to your gut,” Bold and Beautiful star Katherine Kelly Lang explained.

“Fool me once, shame on you but fool me again and again and again?”

According to Soap Central, Brooke isn’t ready to forgive Ridge just yet. Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Brooke cannot trust him and in her eyes, that means the relationship is over. Ridge isn’t ready to accept that their chance at happiness is over.

Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that Ridge hopes that Brooke can forgive him and look to their future. He doesn’t want to be with Quinn because the last thing he wants to hear from Bill is that he knew he would break Brooke’s heart, again.

“Ridge is looking at what’s ahead for them and he sincerely hopes that Brooke can do the same,” Thorsten said.

Bold and Beautiful weekly spoilers suggest that Brooke considers telling Eric about Ridge and Quinn. Katie convinces her that Eric should know about his wife’s extracurricular activities with Ridge

Bold and Beautiful fans, do you think Brooke will forgive Ridge for his betrayal with Quinn? Will she use it as an excuse to reconcile with Bill?

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