‘One Piece’ 861 Manga: Tamatebako Could Be Bege And Straw Hat’s Backup Plan

The action is expected to pick up a notch in the coming One Piece 862 manga chapter. There is no stopping it now, the wedding will definitely happen next issue.

The recently released One Piece Chapter 861 highlighted the preparations of the Capone Bege and his Fire Tank Pirates as they double-check everything before proceeding with their assassination plot against Big Mom. Making sure that everything is in order is absolutely necessary. As stated by Bege, once he enters the wedding ceremony there is no turning back.

The previous chapter also revealed the insanely strong members of Big Mom’s entourage that the Fire Tank and Straw Hat alliance will have to deal with if things go wrong. As observed by Vito, Big Mom Pirates’ strongest members can only be described as monsters, which include Prospero, Big Mom’s eldest son and Minister of Candy, eldest daughter and Minister of Fruits’ Compote, second son and Commander of Big Mom Pirates, Dogtooth, fourteenth daughter, Commander Smoothie, third son Daifuku, and fourth son Oven.

More importantly, the previous chapter already revealed Bege’s target, Mother Caramel’s picture, which was already brought out to attend the event. The servant who brought the picture made the mistake of asking how the Yonkou is related to the person in the picture. Apparently, it is a subject never to be breached and the poor man fainted in fear as an enraged Big Mom warned him of the impropriety of the question. Fortunately, the Yonkou’s mood was quickly fixed when she was presented with various gifts from her guests.

In fact, the Yonkou was beaming when the topic of discussion turned to the still unopened treasure box. The Tamatebako briefly became Luffy’s possession but it was offered to Big Mom as payment for all the candy he ate. Knowing that the Tamatebako is the national treasure of the Fishman Island, the Yonkou was elated at the trade, planning to show off its contents at the banquet after the wedding ceremony, which is expected to finally happen in One Piece Chapter 862.

Capone Bege’s men have likewise completed their preparations. They have sealed off all possible entrances and exits to the castle’s upper quarters effectively sealing the ceremony from any outside interference. Caesar Clown will have one more important role to play in the coming operation. He will provide their only means of escape from what would certainly become a death trap should anyone linger too long. As soon as Big Mom screams, he will fly into the hall bringing with him a mirror. It will be their only escape route, a retreat via Brulee’s mirror world once the deed is done.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates will be joining the action after all. In the previous chapter, it was shown just how the gang will enter the party uninvited. Apparently, everyone is inside Bege’s body tucked away in some compartment. Whether it was Caesar’s doing or Bege’s own ability, the Straw Hats were seen lounging in what appears to be a fully furnished room inside Bege’s body.

But there are hints of possible trouble that could arrive during the ceremony in One Piece 862. Inside the bride and groom’s room, Pudding was slowly working her charms on Sanji. He was having his doubts on the situation and even started to question himself if his meeting with Luffy and Bege was just a dream. As the couple entered the hall, even Bege noticed Sanji’s change. Will Sanji forget his role in Bege’s plan?

A lot of things can certainly go wrong with Capone Bege’s plan. Aside from Sanji forgetting his part, it was not yet revealed how Commander Dogtooth’s ability to get a glimpse into the future would be neutralized. His presence in the ceremony presents the risk of prematurely revealing their plan to Big Mom. But since Bege already knows about Dogtooth’s ability, it is also possible he might have found some way to offset it.

But if in case everything else fails, at least the Straw Hats, without knowing it, might have already laid down the foundation of a backup plan when they gave her the treasure chest Tamatebako. There are speculations that the chest no longer contains the original treasure but is now filled with explosive. With the Mother Caramel picture sure to be present during its opening, a window of opportunity could still open up, even with the original plan is discovered.

Unfortunately for fans, One Piece Chapter 862 will not be out next week. The team is currently on hiatus but will be back a week after.

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