‘Big Little Lies’ Finale Spoilers: How The Book Ended And Who Died?

Both the HBO series and the book Big Little Lies include many mysteries but in the center of it all is a murder mystery at the fundraiser party. While the showrunner may have changed the ending a little, it’s pretty safe to assume that the HBO mini-series will follow the book on the major plot points.

Who Is Bullying Amabella?

Before the Elvis/Audrey Hepburn style party, Celeste’s son, Josh, confesses that it isn’t Ziggy who is bullying Amabella — it is his twin brother. Big Little Lies spoilers indicate that Celeste realizes that she has to leave Perry because his abuse is now affecting the children.

Before she can talk to Perry about their son’s behavior, he finds out that she’s planning on leaving him. According to Hollywood Life, he reacts by giving her the most brutal beating yet, then, of course, Perry tells her to get ready to go to the party together.

Big Little Lies spoilers state that they arrive at the party and Perry learns that Celeste paid nearly $100,000 to get Abigail’s virginity website shut down. This, of course, sets Perry off again. At this point, he’s angry but in public, so he’s trying to keep his cool.

Ziggy’s Father Is Who?

Big Little Lies spoilers tease that the one revelation that comes out during the finale that will shock the viewers is the identity of Ziggy’s father. It will be a scoop no one sees coming.

Jane has never seen Perry before, only heard about him. So when Jane comes face to face with him, she realizes that Perry is Saxon Banks. Big Little Lies spoilers indicate that Jane confronts him for raping her, and tells him that he’s the reason she moved to Pirriwee.

Perry’s reaction will be concerning. He will shrug it off like it didn’t matter, which only makes thing worse. Celeste throws a drink in his face which gets Perry very angry. He slaps her across the face so fiercely that she falls to the ground.

Who Dies And Who Is The Killer?

Big Little Lies spoilers reveal that most everyone in attendance is livid at Perry’s behavior. It is Bonnie who snaps and lashes out at Perry. She starts screaming at him that she grew up in an abusive home, which is why keeping centered and calm is so important to her. She shoves him and he falls over the railing.

The entire group decides to rally behind Bonnie and support her. They decide they would tell the police that they didn’t see anything. Eventually, Bonnie felt compelled to confess how Perry died. The judge gives her community service for several years.

Big Little Lies spoilers suggest that Celeste decides to leave town with the twins in tow to start over without any reminders of Perry. Before leaving, she visits Jane and she told her that she would support Ziggy with his father’s fortune.

Big Little Lies fans, do you think that Perry could be Jane’s son’s father and her rapist? When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Jane said that her rapist was very sweet at first, then he became aggressive and cold. It sounds an awful lot like Perry, does it?

In the Big Little Lies finale promo, Gordon Klein threatens Jane with a restraining order. This scene was thrown in to throw off the viewers most likely. Gordon is merely reacting to the fact that Jane attacked his wife. It doesn’t mean he is the killer or that he would try to hurt Jane.

Big Little Lies cast has all stated that the finale will be intense and emotional, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Big Little Lies series finale airs Sunday night on HBO.

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