‘The Seven Deadly Sins’: Gowther’s Side Story Reveals Past About Mechanical Boy

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The Seven Deadly Sins manga took a rather lengthy detour to delve into the fascinating, but gut-wrenching story of Gowther and his puppet. The puppet’s story narrated by Nanatsu no Taizai mangaka Nakaba Suzuki takes readers of the immensely popular Japanese manga on an emotional roller-coaster.

Warning: The Seven Deadly Sins manga side story “The Doll Asks For Love” spoilers/recap and Chapter 212 speculations ahead.

Chapter 211 of The Seven Deadly Sins contained a very big surprise that mangaka Suzuki had been hinting at in the previous chapters through the Fairy King, Gloxinia. After the Fairy King And the Giant King encounter Gowther the Selflessnes during their trip to the Light of Grace, Gloxinia instantly recognizes that they are dealing with someone who only claims to be Gowther. The person also claims to be part of the Ten Commandments, whereas Gowther has always been one of The Seven Deadly Sins.

The current release of The Seven Deadly Sins isn’t a chapter, but it is a side story that reveals why Gloxinia had his doubts about the Gowther-impersonator. At the end of the previous chapter, the real Gowther was revealed. Apparently, he had been manipulating Melascula the Faith to find a way to get in to the outside world because he had remained trapped for more than 500 years. More importantly, he had been telepathically controlling the puppet Gowther, who appears to wave at the end of the previous chapter.


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Evidently, puppet Gowther is a mechanical boy who is the creation of the real Gowther. The puppet has a rather interesting mechanical heart, but doesn’t have any of his past memories. He wakes up in a strange dungeon, which is identified as the cellar of Liones Castle. Liones happens to be a “major power” that’s on the same level as the Kingdom of Danafor. The dungeon where the puppet finds himself is confirmed to be over 3,000-years-old. Interestingly, he notes that the dungeon appears to be the Fairy King’s forest

Gowther the puppet comes across Princess Nadja, who attempts to offer as much information as she can. It is apparent from the beginning that the sweet and innocent Nadja is smitten by the equally innocent puppet. She promises to come back. Abandoned once again, the puppet wanders through the dungeon, only to come across a man barely clinging to his life. He asks the puppet to fulfill his one last request, which was his dream, but couldn’t accomplish it himself. However, the person dies before he is able to narrate the task.

Despite being a mechanical creature, the puppet is able to feel emotions, but is unable to identify them. Given his synthetic brain, Gowther the puppet is able to read and understand at an astonishing rate, and proves his abilities when Nadja returns with books. Within a few moments, he is not only able to read entire books, but is able to find minute flaws within the stories.

While Nadja doesn’t explicitly confirm it, she is infatuated with Meledor, one of the protagonists of the stories she reads. Astonishingly, Gowther the puppet is able to transform his outward appearance to match Meledor, which surprises Nadja. When the princess asks if he is a wizard, the puppet confirms he was made by a wizard, and adds that he is a doll. As a confirmation, Gowther opens up his chest to reveal his artificial heart. The puppet notes that the creator used his magic of the heart to create an actual magic heart.

Taken aback by the revelation, Nadja collapses, and wakes up inside her room. She is being cared for by her brother, Bartra. Interestingly, the puppet is able to enter the heavily-guarded fortress by disguising himself as a maid. Although Nadja’s brother is aware of Gowther, he allows the two to continue meeting.

After Nadja and the puppet have the blessing of her older brother, the two begin spending quite some time together, which invariably leads to romance. Unfortunately, unknown to the puppet, Nadja is quite unwell. While Nadja is on her deathbed, the puppet explains that he was created by the real Gowther, who never had freedom. Hence, the real Gowther created him and sent him into the world to stay connected. The puppet was the real Gowther’s eyes, ears, and hands. The puppet also narrates the dying wish of the real Gowther, which the latter couldn’t completely tell him.

Having listened to his tale, Nadja is drawn closer to the puppet and the two lie in bed, while the princess slowly fades away into death’s embrace. Unable to accept her death, the puppet tears into himself and rips out his magic heart. Thereafter he proceeds to crudely operate upon Nadja in the hopes of inserting his heart into her. Unfortunately, the puppet isn’t able to bring Nadja back, and gets caught in the seemingly vile act of rape and murder.

After the news of Nadja’s death spreads, the puppet is sentenced to death by immolation. However, Prince Bartra is aware that his sister was truly happy until her last moment alive, and hence lets the puppet live. But the burden of watching the one you love die, and having to live with the sad and painful memory, is unacceptable to the puppet. Hence Gowther’s puppet throws away the magic heart, and chooses to be a plain old doll, who eventually becomes “the Goat’s Sin of Lust.”

Chapter 212 of The Seven Deadly Sins manga, titled “Gift,” is expected to be released this week. Hopefully mangaka Nakaba Suzuki indicates how the battle raging on at the Gate to Heaven, which Rou initiated, ends.

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