Detroit Tigers complete epic collapse

The 2009 season is going to forever irk Detroit Tigers fans. This team just completed an epic collapse, and it is not the first time that this team has stumbled down the stretch run of the regular season. Sitting here right now, as a lifelong Tigers fans, I have to expect that big changes are in store for this team. On September 7th of this year the Tigers had a 7 game lead over the Twins, with four games to go in the 2009 season the Tigers had a three game lead. Now on October 6th the Tigers once again fail to win their division and will not make the post season.

Going all the way back to the 2006 season, a year which the Tigers won the American League pennant this team collapsed in the final weeks of the season and were unable to beat the Kansas City Royals to secure a division title. They entered the post season as the wild card. In 2008 this team was in first place at the all star break the Tigers were in first place, down the final month of that season they managed to play their way into last place in their division.

While this team need to win two of the final three games star first baseman, Miguel Cabrera, went out drinking with players from the team they needed to beat. Then he went home and got into a fight with his wife, which was the meat of a 0-11 sandwich they helped choke away the Central division title. While Cabrera partly made up for that indiscretion tonight with a gutsy performance, one has to wonder if his teammates or fans will ever forgive him?

Sitting here writing this post, I have such a sick feeling in my stomach. This tem can never perform when the stakes are the highest and that is a very big problem. Big changes need to be made and while Miguel Cabrera will take much of the blame for this collapse, it is General Manager Dave Dombrowski he should be in fear of losing his job.