‘Survivor’: J.T. Thomas Talks His Shocking Blindside And The Idol He Didn’t Play

James “J.T.” Thomas was voted out of Survivor: Game Changers on Wednesday, March 29, and it was a complete blindside. Thomas believed that he had the votes to stay, only to learn that Sandra had planned his shocking exit. In the end, J.T. decided not to use his immunity idol at Tribal Council. He was so confident he was not the one leaving that he didn’t even bring his idol to Tribal, which is a decision he says he will regret for the rest of his life.

According to CBS, Thomas said when Survivor host Jeff read his name in Tribal, his first reaction was regret — deep regret for not bringing his idol to Tribal.

“You know, immediate regret—not having my Idol—obviously. I don’t know that I would have played it, but… I never felt scared about that moment until right before the vote,” Thomas explained.

J.T. revealed that he may not have used the idol even if he would have brought it with him to Tribal. According to Reality TV World, he really felt that everyone was on the same page and wanted to get rid of Michaela, but that’s not how it was in reality.

“My gut says I don’t think I would have. It would be easy to say, “Yeah, I would have,” and that’s the problem. You know, I could see at the end that Michaela was playing it up, and in the back of my mind, I just hoped that Sandra and Varner—you know, Michaela was driving us all crazy.”

Thomas had a hard time believing that they would keep Michaela over him. He thought that he was completely safe.

J.T. still doesn’t understand why Sandra chose to get rid of him over Michaela. He realizes that she was mad at him for talking with Brad Culpepper, which led to Malcolm being voted out. Apparently, what Sandra didn’t know was that Malcolm was ready to vote her out whenever they could secure four votes.

“I don’t think Sandra had any idea that Malcolm was actually ready to vote her out,” J.T. said.

” Myself, Malcolm, and Aubry, we were ready to get rid of Sandra at any time; we just needed one more vote.”

Thomas revealed that one of the things that surprised him about Sandra was that she was the one who ate the sugar, not Michaela. He added that once he watched the show, it made sense to him, but while he was in the Survivor game, he never got the feeling that Sandra was trying to pit him against Michaela.

“It all made more sense as I watched the show—because I didn’t know that until now—but she kept bringing up the sugar and made it such an incident that it was almost weird,” Thomas stated.

“She was really trying to pit me and Michaela against each other to benefit her agenda, which was to vote me out and have me not play an Idol in the event that I had one—which I had just obtained at the time.”

J.T. said that Survivor was easier on him physically this time around. They had an ample food supply by Survivor standards, and they all got along pretty well.

As for if Thomas would ever play Survivor again, he said he would jump at the chance. When he was first voted out of Survivor, he couldn’t imagine playing the game again. Now that some time has passed since he was voted out, J.T. said he would love to come back.

Survivor fans, were you surprised by the blindside that took J.T. Thomas out of the game? Would you like to see him play Survivor again?

Survivor: Game Changers airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]