Kate Middleton Forbidding Prince William From Solo Travel? Not Quite [Debunked]

Kate Middleton and Prince William appear to be a couple to emulate in a number of ways, from their adoration and affection for one another to the love they share for their little prince and princess. The pair always make appearances looking pulled together and classy, yet a recent story that surfaced about Prince William’s solo travels and party-boy ways caused royal watchers and media members to wonder whether it has all been a facade. According to reports, the prince was spotted in the company of a stunning model and also caught in a video dancing at a club while on a ski trip in Switzerland.

The future king’s choice to travel for pleasure without his stunning wife raised eyebrows enough, but the footage that resulted from the getaway led to speculation that the couple was in trouble. Additionally, it was shared that Middleton was not pleased about William’s choices.

Since then, a new rumor has surfaced that Prince William is now being forbidden by the Duchess to travel on his own. The most recent rumor was ignited by the tabloid the National Enquirer and has been debunked by the gossip policing site Gossip Cop. The publication reminds of the ludicrous claims made by the tabloid this past week.

“‘Kate Puts Wild William On A Short Leash,’ blares an alarming headline from this week’s National Enquirer, which goes on to claim the Duke of Cambridge can ‘no longer travel alone’ following his recent ski trip with his friends in Switzerland. A so-called ‘source’ tells the outlet, ‘Kate was furious when she saw the pictures. These boys-only skiing trips are a thing of the past.'”

The often-inaccurate tabloid then goes on to state that Middleton is the one who “wears the trousers ” in the royal marriage and relays supposed words of the source, who said, “She found his behavior humiliating and William will be made to pay.”

The story has been stamped out and is a complete fabrication, as GC notes. The tabloid has been found guilty of starting a number of false stories about the royal couple, one of which indicated that Kate was struggling with an eating disorder. The outlet also claimed that Kate was in the process of searching for a surrogate for their next child.

Although the rumor about Kate forbidding her husband from traveling solo is completely false, it was reportedly fact that Middleton was not at all pleased with the prince’s behavior while vacationing with his friends recently.

Vanity Fair relays the details shared by a source close to the couples.

“Kate is said by Royal Watch sources to be understandably ‘less than pleased’ that her husband has been filmed partying with his friends and an unidentified woman. The new footage, which emerged Wednesday in several tabloids, shows Prince William singing and dancing with friends during a boys-only skiing trip. Shot at the popular Farinet nightclub in Verbier, the video also shows the prince putting his hand on the waist of a mystery woman.”

The publication reminds how Prince William has also been seemingly slacking off regarding his royal duties since the beginning of 2017. The prince has only appeared at 14 royal events while the Queen, now in her 90th year, has appeared at more than 24. The prince also skipped Commonwealth Day services, a day that is very important on the Queen’s royal calendar, to go on his ski trip.

It seems, however, that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are perhaps taking a bit of a break prior to ramping up their royal efforts. The couple is set to move to Kensington Palace this year for the purpose of taking over duties from the Queen. The couple has always lived in Norfolk, but they are currently making plans for their big move to the city of London.

[Featured Image by Andrew Matthews/WPA Pool/Getty Images]