‘DWTS’ Drama: Heather Morris Claims Sabotage, Maksim Chmerkovskiy Speaks Out

Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars has been a bummer for Heather Morris, whose partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy is still out due to a calf injury sustained during practice last week. It turns out that Maks’ calf injury was worse than expected and the DWTS pro won’t be coming back to the ABC dancing competition next week. While Heather Morris looks to be accepting Maks’ injury with grace, the Glee star is complaining behind the scenes to her friends that she has been sabotaged according to Radar Online.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy sustained a calf injury while training with Heather Morris last week and it prevented him from dancing as her partner during the DWTS competition on Monday. Instead, troupe dancer Alan Bersten stepped in and danced the jive with Heather, earning the couple 30 out of 40 points. It was enough to move Heather forward in the competition and closer to Maks’ return.


Fans expected Maksim Chmerkovskiy to return to Dancing With The Stars the following week to retain his spot as Heather Morris’ dancing partner and coach but a new announcement revealed that Maks might actually be out for a couple more weeks. People reported that Maksim updated Heather on his recovery via a Skype call, letting her know that he was going to take more time to recover but that he wants to return to DWTS and win it all.

“I had a procedure done which is basically,” Maks explained. “They extracted some of my bone marrow stem cells, made a concentrate out of that… mixed it with my plasma-rich protein, if that means anything to anybody out there. They injected it back into my calf.”

“What happens is, when you have these sort of tears, this kind of liquid what it does is fills in little cracks and anything that is torn. So it starts to regenerate tissue and send all these signals to it and start the healing from the inside.”

According to the Radar report, Heather Morris doesn’t totally believe that Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s calf injury is that serious. Instead, she reportedly believes that it’s Maks’ fiance Peta Murgatroyd throwing up roadblocks in an effort to keep Heather and Maksim apart.

“Heather said that she doesn’t think that Maks’s injury is as bad as he is saying and that maybe Peta had something to do with him balling on her,” the source told Radar. “Peta has a reputation on set for being jealous but Heather just seems focused on proving to everyone that she can win this competition.”


With Maksim Chmerkovskiy out another week, Heather Morris has been paired with Alan Bersten again and this week they’ll be dancing the Tango together. Part of Heather’s reported issue with Dancing With The Stars and the reason she reportedly feels sabotaged by the show is her pairing with Alan after Maksim’s calf injury. Apparently, Heather feels like Alan isn’t pushing her as hard as Maks did and she’s afraid that will mean a Mirror Ball Trophy loss if they don’t pick up the pace soon.

Before Dancing With The Stars Season 24 even started, Heather Morris faced a bit of backlash for even being on the dancing competition. E! News reported that Heather has a professional dancing history that makes her appearance on the show totally unfair. The Glee star has been dancing since she was a little kid and even appeared on So You Think You Can Dance? She also worked as a backup dancer for Beyonce, giving Heather eons more experience than dance newbies like Mr. T and Nick Viall. Between Heather Morris and Simone Biles’ casting on DWTS, some fans of the show are saying that the two have a leg up on the rest of the competition because of their past training.


Despite all of the drama about people thinking Heather Morris shouldn’t even dance and then Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s calf injury and recovery, Maks has already said he wants to recover as quickly as he can and return to Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars to resume his position as Heather’s pro dancing partner. He also thinks that if she can just hold out until he recovers, they could go on to win the whole competition.

“I still feel like we have a chance and you deserve it,” Maksim tells Heather amid the sabotage rumors. “I want to give you 150 percent effort and be physically as active as I was at my best when nothing hurt. I want to come back and win!”


What do you think of the controversy and injury report plaguing Heather Morris’ Dancing With The Stars Season 24 run with Maksim Chmerkovskiy? Can they make a comeback and take home that Mirror Ball Trophy? Sound off in the comments section below.

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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