Trump Loses, Must Pay $25 Million For Trump University Lawsuits: Read Court Docs

President Donald Trump has to pay $25 million due to lawsuits regarding Trump University, as reported by the Associated Press. The settlement that requires Mr. Trump to pay $25 million due to the Trump University lawsuits puts an end to litigation that lasted for years. As seen in the court documents regarding the Trump University lawsuit, Sonny Low, J.R. Everett, John Brown, Art Cohen, and any other similarly situated plaintiffs went up against Trump University, LLC, a New York Limited Liability Company, and Donald J. Trump.

The final approval hearing was held on Thursday, March 30.

Folks are pointing to a tweet on Mr. Trump’s Twitter account from February 29, 2016, wherein he said he wouldn’t settle.

“Trump University has a 98% approval rating. I could have settled but won’t out of principle!”

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As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, a man named Harold Doe claims that he spent so much money on Trump University that Doe, a resident of Florida, became homeless and hungry with his family. Doe felt he deserved at least three times the amount of his losses. As noted in the court documents, Doe objected to the settlement because he felt entitled to at least $120,000.

Sherri B. Simpson is also mentioned in the court documents. Simpson wanted the option to opt out of the settlement, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel, with Simpson wishing to sue the president individually. Simpson also wanted an apology from President Trump. Sherri is a bankruptcy and consumer rights lawyer out of Fort Lauderdale. She, along with a partner, paid $35,000 in 2010 to enroll in the “Gold Elite” Trump University program.

Ending with “IT IS SO ORDERED,” the court documents explain all the reasons that the determination for the settlement was reached, dated March 31, at the culmination of the legal documents.

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Even though the settlement had been agreed upon last November, the Trump University $25 million settlement was just approved by the court, as reported by CNN Money. It is the seeming end for Trump University students who claimed they were defrauded by promises of learning Mr. Trump’s secret real estate tactics, but ended up with what they claim were five-year-old videos and information that was readily findable online.

The judge who approved the Trump University settlement, according to ABC News, was U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel in San Diego.

Reactions to news of the $25 million settlement received by those who felt swindled from the expensive and non-accredited Trump University are being published online. The Trump University settlement, as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, involved those plaintiffs as well as 3,700 others who may earn back the bulk of the monies they lost from investing in Trump University.

“The settlement is fair, adequate, and reasonable.”

Judge Gonzalo Curiel called his decision fair and reasonable. Lawyers for ex-Trump University students said their clients should get 90 percent or more of their money back. Comments about the decision for Trump University students to receive $25 million in the settlement can be read below.

“But I thought he never settles?”

“Ugh. That’s where I got my degree in Russian. Useless now.”

“He settled fraud case and wants us to believe he is honest and ethical?! smdh”

“The Art of the Legal Settlement, by Don The Con.”

“Is this that same ‘I Never Settle!’ guy.”

“Imagine a world where siting POTUS settles lawsuit bilking Americans and barely makes news.”

“The Art of the Settlement Deal.”

“Lock him up!!!”

“Why does he always get away with it. They need to stop settling, get him into court.”

“So much winning.”



“He’s been doing this his whole career.”

“This is not right. The $25 million is only a fraction of the amount he should be forced to pay. Once again Trump gets off very light. NOT RIGHT.”

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