Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ Video: Jesus, Holy Fire, Stretch Marks, Seizure Shots

There’s a reason the singular name Kendrick has gotten 357,000 tweets on Twitter and counting upwards, with Kendrick Lamar’s new video “Humble,” as seen below, soaring to the top of YouTube’s trending list with 4.5 million views. Lots of viewers are calling Kendrick’s video “Humble” fire, and it literally shows fire atop Kendrick’s head, and also on the heads of Kendrick’s disciples, whose faces are wrapped in the kind of mummy-like cloth that Lazarus probably donned when Jesus called him out of the tomb, as reported by Bible Hub.

But there’s nothing new under the sun, and Kendrick borrows plenty of biblical themes for his “Humble” video, as Kendrick sings and/or raps to other rappers and women to be humble and sit down, even as Kendrick not-so-humbly opens his “Humble” video starring as some sort of a priest of hip-hop in a long Pope-like robe with a beam of light shinning down on him. Along with Kendrick having cast himself as the central Jesus role sitting at a Last Supper kind of table in the midst of his wine-pouring and roll-eating disciples, Kendrick also borrows from the Day of Pentecost event when tongues of fire appeared on the disciples heads after Jesus’ death and resurrection, as they waited for the Holy Spirit as instructed in the Upper Room, as reported by Bible Hub.

So whether through irony or ignorance, Kendrick has set himself up as the Messiah in “Humble,” as he sings about being humble, as bald heads bow intermittently around him, purportedly being humble. The “Humble” video uses some head-spinning edits and quick-jumps that could seemingly send some viewers into seizure mode, even if Kendrick is winning praise for the POVs contained in “Humble.”

Warning: The below “Humble” video contains language and scenes that might be offensive to some viewers.

Nevertheless, Kendrick is winning praise for his “Humble” video, with folks writing about Kendrick literally being on fire, even if they may not realize the origins of the fire-on-the-head concept. Either way, Kendrick also borrows from the famous Grey Poupon mustard commercial as Kendrick passes a condiment from one car to another.

The scene in Kendrick’s “Humble” video that seems to be getting the most attention is when Kendrick rhymed about being tired of women on social media looking so done up and fancy. In the “Humble” video, a very pretty woman wears make-up and has a diamond-like choker on with her hair up in a bun in the right-hand frame. When she steps into the left-hand frame, her long and curly hair (possibly still a weave) is down and her face is either make-up free or very natural looking. The fancy gear she wore in the right-side of “Humble” has been replaced with a white wife beater tank top in the left-hand side of “Humble.”

[Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for American Express]

Kendrick takes it one step further in his “Humble” video when he says he’s sick of the fake Photoshop-looking butts, and shows that he wants to see a real woman’s butt with real stretch marks, like someone he could “smash” on her parent’s couch. No doubt that lyric and remark would be a breath of fresh air for some women, especially the actress who won the twerking role of a woman with stretch marks in “Humble.”

Kendrick Humble
[Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for FYF]

The jury is still out on Kendrick’s desire for a more natural look on women, as expressed in the “Humble” video. As seen in the below comments from social media, folks are on either side of the divide about Kendrick’s views on women in “Humble.”

: “Kendrick Lamar don’t get a 5 from me on a good day, and have the nerve to talk about what women look like. GET THESE UGLY MEN THE F*** OUT.”

: “Kendrick raps about being tired of women not looking natural. And for some reason a feminist gotta write think a piece about being offended.”

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