Puck From ‘The Real World’ In Jail For Stalking Offense

puck from the real world jail

Puck from MTV’s The Real World, largely out of the public eye since his star turn at the start of reality TV in the very early 90s, is back in the news — but not for good reasons, as he is currently serving out a prison sentence for a stalking offense.

Puck from The Real World (real name David Rainey) was — at the inception of the now-pervasive form of television — a compelling if relatively disgusting character in the “picked to live in a house where people stop being polite and start being real” unscripted drama. Viewers tuned in to watch the bike messenger as he managed to offend all housemates nearly across the board before he was evicted from the house after repeated attempts by fellow cast mates to modify his uncivil and inconsiderate behavior.

In the intervening years since 1994, Puck from The Real World has had a few tangles with the law before his sentencing this week on a stalking charge. In 2003, the former MTV star was arrested for a domestic violence charge.

In 2009, Puck from The Real World was jailed for a year after a conviction for battery-related offenses committed upon his girlfriend, after he pled no contest to the charge. In addition, he pled no contest to a second charge of felony possession of ammunition, for which he was placed on three years of probation.

puck from the real world

In 2010, Rainey was said by the California Highway Patrol to have been drinking at the time of a crash during which his 8-year-old child was in the car, and CHP indicated he may face charges of DUI, child endangerment, and driving without a license. And in 2011, Puck from The Real World was arrested for suspicion of felony corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant.

Earlier this year, an incident occurred in which Rainey was charged stalking, and after a conviction in September, he was given a two-year prison sentence, with a credit of 401 days for time served.