World War 3 News: Fears Over Kim Jong-Un And North Korea Continue To Grow

There continues to be further talk of World War 3 in the news, and fears of World War 3 have grown steadily over the recent moves of Kim Jong-un and North Korea. To combat the threats coming from North Korea, the United States and South Korea have been conducting something known as FOAL EAGLE-17, which is a military exercise in which thousands of troops are taking part.

THAAD missile defenses have also been deployed by the United States in order to help protect the people of South Korea from possible nuclear strikes by North Korea. The Washington Times reports that B-52 nuclear bombers will also be moved into South Korea to avert North Korean threats.

The reason that these military exercises are being conducted by the United States and South Korea is to try to avert a World War 3 scenario, which isn’t implausible if you read about North Korea’s military plans in the news.

South Korean protesters burn photo of North Korea's Kim Jong-Un during a protest on February 11, 2016.
South Korean protesters burn photo of North Korea's Kim Jong-Un during a protest on February 11, 2016. Many are worried about World War 3 because of fears over North Korea in the news. [Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

The news that North Korea may be conducting yet another nuclear weapon test this week has certainly not calmed any fears that people in the region have about World War 3. South Korean officials are now reporting that there are allegedly plans for a sixth nuclear test by the North Korean government sometime during the first week of April, according to the Daily Express.

“We have intelligence that North Korea may conduct its sixth nuclear test in the first week of April and are in the process of confirming this. We have determined that North Korea is expected to finish all preparations for a nuclear test by March 31. We are analyzing that there is a high possibility that North Korea will conduct a nuclear test ahead of US President Trump and Chinese President Xi’s summit in the United States.”

It’s not just the United States and South Korea who worry about World War 3 and who have fears about the stability of North Korea and Kim Jong-un. Japan are also keenly aware of the threat that they face from North Korea and are seriously considering whether they should be using military equipment to protect themselves from North Korea.

Liberal Democratic Party head Hiroshi Imazu told Japan that they cannot rest on their laurels and wait until they are defeated before something is done.

“Japan can’t just wait until it’s destroyed. It’s legally possible for Japan to strike an enemy base that’s launching a missile at us, but we don’t have the equipment or the capability. Our country is protected by other countries, but we can’t do anything to protect them. This is not acceptable in the international community anymore.”

With so much worry about World War 3 in the news, and specifically because of North Korea, the Washington Post reports that Japan’s previous defense minister, General Nakatani, agrees with Hiroshi Imazu and says that Japan should absolutely be allowed to strike North Korea if circumstances call for it.

“I believe that we should consider having the capacity to strike.”

North Korea's long-range rocket launch on February 7, 2016.
North Korea's long-range rocket launch on [Image by Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images]

Even Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe believes that his country should be discussing whether they need to build up the military more in order to combat possible future aggression and even a nuclear strike by North Korea.

“I’d like to encourage the party to have this discussion and am keeping an eye on how it’s going.”

Japan would like to protect themselves in order to prevent the destruction of their country or a World War 3 scenario in the case of other countries becoming involved, but at the moment, they do not have the capacity to do this. The reason for this is because of the fact that their constitution was written by the United States, and while they do have the right to defend themselves if they are under direct threat, they are not able to go on the defensive, even if they feel it is in the best interests of their country.

Do you feel that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is a serious threat when you read the news? Do you think that his country could lead us into World War 3 in the future?

[Featured Image by Three Lions/Getty Images]