‘Fixer Upper’ Shares Plenty Of Exciting News After A Superb Season Finale

Chip and Joanna Gaines are used to surprising families on Fixer Upper when they reveal what they’ve done to renovate the run-down and neglected homes their clients chose. On the Season 4 finale of Fixer Upper, they definitely surprised the family after they transformed a 100-year-old shack into a stunning four-bedroom home, but the new homeowners had a surprise of their own for Chip and Joanna after the reveal.

The episode titled “The Colossal Crawford Reno” featured Michael Matsumoto, his wife Jessie, and their two children. The couple decided it was time to purchase a home in the area since Michael happens to be the executive producer for Fixer Upper. He explained that they were living in California when he received the call to come to Texas and be a part of the show. Now, he found himself on the other side of the Fixer Upper camera, but Chip and Joanna worked their magic and found the Matsumoto’s the “perfect” place.

Fans of Fixer Upper declared that this was one of the best remodels so far that the duo have worked on. The crumbling “little shack on the prairie,” situated on a little over an acre of land in Crawford, Texas, looked as though it could blow away in the next big Texas thunderstorm. Everyone saw the potential, however, and the Matsumotos gave the green light for Chip and Joanna to make their vision for what the home could be a reality.

They definitely delivered, taking into account what Michael and Jessie wanted, which included incorporating pieces from the original shack into the design of the home. Country Living shared that the home was transformed into a beautiful farmhouse featuring several of Joanna’s designs and incorporating plenty of shiplap, reclaimed wood, and subway tile. The outside of the home is now white with black trim, and the rooms are light, airy, and spacious. The Matsumotos requested an outside dining area, and that was the last place shown to the couple. Everyone sat at the large table sipping tea and going over what was done to the home, and Fixer Upper viewers most likely thought that was the end of the episode.

It's just family. That's all I can say. Love you @chippergaines @joannagaines. Finally we got to actually surprise you

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At the mention of the fourth bedroom, which was added almost as an afterthought, the Matsumotos delivered some surprising news. They shared with Chip and Joanna that Jessie was pregnant and they weren’t having one baby, but two. What a way to wrap up Season 4 of Fixer Upper, with a surprise announcement that the Matsumotos were expecting twins. That was the end of the story until now, when it was announced on Instagram that the twins, a boy and a girl, had been born.

Olivia and Oliver Matsumoto were born on March 17 at 4:57 p.m. and 4:58 p.m., and photos of the adorable babies were posted by Magnolia, which is a Gaines Instagram account, and by the proud father, Michael.

“As parents, everything we do is for our children,” Michael posted. “I am so grateful for mine. @jes_matsumoto is an amazing mother and wife. Proud to call my family mine. Ro, Finn, Liv and Ollie. You are loved.”

As for Fixer Upper in general, Chip and Joanna recently announced via a video that there will definitely be a Season 5, so the Matsumotos will be enjoying that beautiful new home for awhile. For more good news, there will be a companion series to Fixer Upper, called Behind the Design. Joanna will share with fans design details, decorating tips, and staging secrets that are an integral part of every home make-over featured on Fixer Upper. Fans will find out a lot more about each restoration project they work on, and the new series will air after each episode of Fixer Upper.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your congratulations to the Matsumoto family or your comments regarding Fixer Upper below. Season 5 of Fixer Upper is slated to return later this year, but for fans who want more Fixer Upper now, they can check out Joanna’s design videos detailing how she brings together all the elements that make her projects unique and stunning. The videos also include design elements not shown on Fixer Upper.

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