Briana DeJesus Doesn’t Care What Mackenzie McKee Says About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Role

Briana DeJesus is not concerned about her former Teen Mom 3 co-star’s recent comments about her upcoming but yet-to-be-confirmed role on Teen Mom 2.

Following an interview with Radar Online in which Mackenzie McKee claimed to be more qualified to appear on the upcoming eighth season of Teen Mom 2, Briana DeJesus took to Twitter to react to McKee’s statements — and a couple of her recent tweets.

“My one and only comment: I don’t really give a f**k what another person has to say! Still doing me at the end of the day!” Briana DeJesus tweeted on March 29.

In response, Briana DeJesus was met by a fan, who wrote, “Wow, [your] friends post a nice tweet, tag [you], [and] this is what [you] say?”

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Briana DeJesus’ former co-star, Mackenzie McKee, spoke to Radar Online earlier this week before taking to Twitter to defend her comments and insist they were not meant as a dig at DeJesus.

“They interviewed me and [Briana DeJesus] two months ago, but chose her,” McKee revealed to the outlet. “I thought, ‘This can’t be true!’ I was confused.”

Not only does McKee have a large family of three children with husband Josh, she’s also got tons more followers on social media. As Radar Online revealed, McKee boasts 617,000 followers on Instagram while DeJesus has just 87,000.

“I think the amount of following difference is shocking,” she continued. “I’ve been consistent with followers… [Briana DeJesus] deleted her social media once, and I helped her get her following back. And here she is on Teen Mom!”

McKee continued to plead her case, claiming that because of her ongoing business opportunities, she is likely the ideal candidate to appear on a reality show.

“I have worked very hard for where I am. I’m working on all this stuff and what has she done? She’s not working on anything,” she huffed. “It sucks the one who has been working harder didn’t get it.”

McKee took things one step further by brining up the topic of the Teen Mom 2 cast’s many baby daddies. As fans of the series will recall, Kailyn Lowry just announced she is expecting her third child with a third man, while Jenelle Evans welcomed her third child with a third man in January of this year. As for Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer, they have two baby daddies each.

“I hope MTV didn’t chose her over me because I am married and have three kids with the same guy. The story on different baby daddies is what people are interested in,” McKee claimed, likely in a nod to Briana DeJesus’ current pregnancy.

At the moment, Briana DeJesus is awaiting the birth of her second child with an unnamed man.

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While McKee’s comments seemed to suggest that she had taken a clear stand against Briana DeJesus, she later surfaced on Twitter and seemingly denied the quotes shared by Radar Online. “So many words being put into my mouth in these articles… like where do y’all get this stuff from?” she asked.

McKee also shared a second tweet, which said that she had nothing bad or negative to say about Briana DeJesus and noted a “fake” article.

Katie Yeager also got in on the drama between the co-stars and took a stand against the allegedly “fake” article. On her page, she told fans in a comment that she and her co-stars, including Briana DeJesus and Alexandria Sekella, have been very close for years.

Briana DeJesus and her co-stars will likely return to MTV later this year in Teen Mom 2 Season 8.

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