‘Girl Followed’: Lifetime Movie, Did A True-Story Kidnapping Inspire This Film?

Girl Followed is a movie you will regret missing if you don’t tune into Lifetime Television this weekend. And it might be inspired by a true kidnapping story. Girl Followed, which is directed by Tom Shell and written and based on a screenplay by Melissa Cassera, tells the story of a 14-year-old girl Reagan (Emma Fuhrman) who gets caught up with an older man with deadly intentions. And when she disappears suddenly, it’s a race against time to find her by the only people who love her unconditionally, her family. Girl Followed stars Joey Lawrence and Heather McComb as Reagan’s parents.

Girl Followed On Lifetime: Here’s The Movie Synopsis

Reagan (Fuhrman) is a young teen who is dying for love and affection. And although she has loving parents, she is seeking the wrong kind of attention that only social media can give. Addicted to taking selfies, her parents are horrified when they find out that 14-year-old Reagan has been sending half-naked photos of herself to boys at school. Punishing her seems like the only thing that can tame her.

It isn’t long before a chance encounter introduces her to Nate, a 20-something-year-old medical assistant at the hospital. Nate and Reagan strike up a friendship and begin communicating online. Nate provides Reagan with all the attention that she wants, which she thinks will ease her loneliness. Soon, Reagan begins confiding in him since he’s always lending her a listening ear.

But Nate has more on his mind. Her seductive photos have put the rebellious teen on the path of danger with this older man, who has sinister intentions. Meanwhile, Reagan’s parents believe that everything is under control until they discover that she has been having intimate conversations with her older friend.

The inappropriate relationship with Nate almost sends Reagan’s father over the edge. And he’ll stop at nothing to end this relationship for good. But Reagan is in over her head. And it isn’t until she is kidnapped as she is walking home from school that she realizes the gravity of the situation.

Will Reagan’s parents be able to track her down in time or will their precious daughter be lost forever?

Is Girl Followed Inspired By A True Story?

Girl Followed is not listed as based on a true story. But, the case of Pearl Pinson is immediately recalled. People reported that Pinson was a Vallejo California teen who was abducted on her way to school in front of a witness by a man named Fernando Castro. According to the witness, he saw a Hispanic male dragging the teen over the bridge. He later forced her into a car and sped away. Authorities caught up with Fernando and killed him during a shootout. They never found Pearl Pinson. All that was left of her was her cell phone and a backpack. The green-eyed, brown-haired (dyed green) girl was last seen wearing a gray sweater and black leggings. Her parents didn’t think Castro and Pinson knew each other. But California police officers later confirmed that they were acquaintances. Fernando Castro lived not far from the family, and had obviously been watching her. In the last update, it was stated that police are considering the possibility that she was trafficked into a sex ring.

Lifetime Television’s Girl Followed was filmed in Los Angeles, California. The production credit goes to Creative Arts Entertainment Group, Inc. with distribution by MarVista Entertainment. At the Internet Movie Database, Kelly Kaye is listed as the line producer and Chris Lancey as the producer.

Grab a seat and tune into Girl Followed this Saturday, April 1, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime. Off The Rails is another movie that will premiere on Lifetime this weekend. Read about that film here.

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