WWE News: Finn Balor Will Face Brock Lesnar or Goldberg After ‘Wrestlemania 33’

The WWE Universe is anticipating the WWE Universal Title match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg as much as they are looking forward to Finn Balor’s return to WWE programming, but the fans are going to be happy with WWE’s post-Wrestlemania creative plans no matter what happens on the grandest stage of them all. The fans just need to wait and see who will be the WWE Universal Champion after Sunday night.

As of this writing, there are conflicting reports about Goldberg or Brock Lesnar walking out of Orlando with the WWE Universal Championship. The WWE Universe has become so curious about who will walk out of Wrestlemania with the title, that creative plans for it after Sunday won’t be on the minds of the WWE fans until Monday morning at the earliest. However, WWE officials have something huge planned for Raw.

Meanwhile, Finn Balor has been medically cleared to compete for a few weeks now, but WWE officials have kept him off WWE live events. The assumption is that Balor will be returning at Wrestlemania 33 for a huge angle that will bring him back into the fold rather than force him into a match to get him on the show. WWE officials could have Balor return in many different ways, but the result of Goldberg vs. Lesnar will determine his direction after Wrestlemania 33.

Changes Coming For Goldberg Brock Lesnar
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For the longest time, Brock Lesnar was expected to beat Goldberg this Sunday, become the WWE Universal Champion, and Goldberg’s run would end on a good note. It’s now being reported that WWE officials have second thoughts about the finish of their match. There have been reports about WWE extending Goldberg’s run beyond Wrestlemania 33, so the ending of the WWE Universal Title match has become unpredictable.

It’s also been reported that Goldberg may vacate the championship the next night on Raw. As much as that booking would impact Lesnar’s role as a dominant force, the WWE Universal Title being vacant would open the entire roster to the title picture. Instead of having the strap on Lesnar until WWE officials think it is the right time to put the title on Roman Reigns, especially with someone like Finn Balor returning to Raw.

Technically, Finn Balor vacated the WWE Universal Title after winning it at WWE Summerslam and hasn’t invoked his rematch clause. He’s missed the last seven months of WWE programming, which is exactly why WWE is planning for Finn Balor to re-enter the WWE Universal Title picture immediately after his return at Wrestlemania 33 or next week’s post-Wrestlemania edition of Monday Night Raw.

Finn Balor vs Brock Lesnar Could Happen
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After Wrestlemania 33, we will see Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar or Finn Balor vs. Goldberg. On paper, Balor shouldn’t have a chance against either man, but WWE officials could do wonders with him as the underdog against either man. A feud with Goldberg could be booked with him being overconfident after beating Brock Lesnar on the grandest stage of them all, but Balor would be able to challenge him with his athleticism.

The same kind of angle could work for Balor vs. Lesnar as well. Brock Lesnar is on a high after finally taking down Goldberg and ending his career, but for some reason, Finn Balor is able to get the better of him. WWE officials may or may not be looking to put the WWE Universal Championship back on Balor, but that could happen, especially if Goldberg beats Lesnar on Sunday and vacates the title the next night on Raw.

At Wrestlemania 33, Finn Balor is expected to interfere in the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H to even the odds with Samoa Joe. However, there is another rumor going around that he could be reforming “The Club” and turning heel. No matter what happens on the grandest stage of them all, it seems that Balor will be pushed back into the WWE Universal Title picture whether he’s a face or heel and regardless of who the champion will be.

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