‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Nick Questions, Cane Stresses, Sharon’s Emotional

Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that things are going to be quite intense. Nick found the bag that Chloe tried to discard that contains the items she used the night of the cabin explosion and Adam’s supposed death. Juliet told Cane they slept together the night he was drunk with her in Tokyo, and Victor’s decision to have Scott help him write his memoir is raising eyebrows. What else do Young and Restless spoilers reveal about the March 31 show?

After finding the wrench and tranquilizer gun that Chloe dumped, Young and Restless spoilers via SheKnows Soaps detail that Nick will head to Sharon’s place. He’ll be wondering if there is a way to get in touch with Dylan, and she’ll tell him that she doesn’t have Dylan’s contact information.

Nick will explain that he’s come across information that could indicate that the explosion wasn’t an accident, particularly that someone tampered with the propane tank. He’ll mention Chloe’s name, which stuns Sharon, but they’ll reflect back on things Chloe has said and done. Young and Restless spoilers note that Sharon will tell Nick he should fill Paul in on what he’s found. Later, he will track down Paul at the police station and bring up the idea of re-opening the cabin explosion investigation.

Chelsea did reveal to Chloe that Nick had been doing some digging into what happened that night, but Young and Restless spoilers reveal that Chloe will be focusing on Kevin and will urge him to get married to her right away. Kevin will question why she’s in such a rush, and she’ll propose to him and tell him she simply doesn’t want to wait any longer to be married to him. Kevin will be tickled by the gesture and agree to marry her the next day.

Is Abby right to be worried about Victoria on 'Y&R'? [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Viewers will see Abby and Lily comparing notes on business, and Young and Restless spoilers share that Abby will talk about how Victoria seems to be sabotaging her efforts, intent on making her mark again at Newman Enterprises. Later, Scott will meet with Abby at Newman and try to get her talking about Victor, sharing background for the book, but she’ll be hesitant to talk with him.

After Scott turns off a recorder, Abby will share some stories and when Victor arrives, he’ll encourage her to go with her gut and stop worrying about Victoria. Young and the Restless spoilers share that Victor will also try to plant the idea of Abby dating Scott, but she won’t pounce on that idea. When she leaves Victor’s office, she’ll make a call and mention moving ahead with her project.

Cane was stunned when Juliet said they had slept together in Tokyo, but Young and Restless spoilers reveal that viewers will see a flashback of him kissing her that night as well as the two of them sleeping next to one another naked. Cane will swear that he’s never cheated on Lily, and he’ll express doubt that they really had sex. However, she will remain insistent that it happened.

Lily will show up and Cane will be a bit antsy, but when Juliet leaves, he’ll say that he was just telling Juliet about not getting the Brash & Sassy position. Soon, Victoria calls to tell him that she’s decided to hire Juliet after all, but for a marketing position based in Genoa City. Naturally, this will rattle Cane, but Young and Restless spoilers detail Victoria won’t pick up on his demeanor and that she’ll feel certain that Juliet will be a good fit. When he pushes back against this, Victoria will question his position, wondering if there’s something he needs to tell her.

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Sharon will head to the coffee house and get emotional when she sees Dylan’s apron there, and Young and Restless spoilers note that Scott will see this and lend an ear as she talks about all that’s happened. As she lays it all out there, he’ll put his arm around her and pull her closer to him. Is he sincere in wanting to get closer to Sharon, or is he manipulating her, knowing she knows plenty about Victor? Could these two develop a romance, will he end up dating Abby, or will someone else end up on his radar?

Heading into the week ahead, Young and Restless spoilers hint that Juliet may expose Cane to Lily, and Paul will push Nick to reveal who he suspects of causing the cabin explosion. Soap Central notes that Sharon will find herself in a difficult position when it comes to her loyalties, and Cane is going to end up in a tight spot when he tries to cover his tracks. Chelsea will face news that could turn her world upside down, and Gloria will be trying to push Kevin and Chloe apart as they prepare to wed.

As shocked as Nick was to find the wrench and the tranquilizer gun, teasers indicate that he’s got another shocker on the way. However, viewers will have to wait until the April 7 show to see what this tidbit references. Young and the Restless spoilers tease that there is a lot of juicy action on the way and viewers cannot wait to see where things head next.

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