Jill Duggar Shares Funniest Mission Trip Moment: Derick Dillard Getting Shocked

Jill Duggar recently described some of the funniest experiences she and Derick Dillard have had on the mission field, and one of them might shock you.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have reminded their fans time and time again that life in El Salvador isn’t easy, but the Counting On stars are capable of seeing the lighter side of some of their misfortunes on the mission field. During an interview with Crown of Beauty Magazine, Jill was asked to share some of the funniest situations that she and Derick Dillard have found themselves in during their long stay in Central America. Both incidents that Jill Duggar described involved issues with the electrical appliances that make life on the mission field easier for her and her husband.

According to Jill, she and Derick were stumped when some of their kitchen appliances suddenly stopped working. They mentioned their plight to a pal who had some experience as an electrician, and he offered to help.

“The problem wasn’t in the breaker box and he wasn’t familiar with our type of outlets (a friend had brought them from the states), so he just took off that outlet and put on a different one,” Jill recalled.

“When he hooked it up, it sent a current through the oven and into Derick’s hand!”

Luckily, Derick Dillard wasn’t seriously hurt, and he and his friend shared a good laugh over his little shock. However, Jill Duggar wasn’t laughing the last time her husband had a close call with electricity. As CafeMom reports, Jill believes that Derick narrowly missed being electrocuted by a bolt of lightning when he was walking home one afternoon.

Jill Duggar’s other “funny” mission trip moment involves a generous gift from her parents. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar helped make Jill and Derick’s humble abode a lot more comfortable by giving the couple an air conditioning unit. However, the Counting On stars soon discovered a downside to growing accustomed to cool air: When they had a problem with their AC unit, it was hard finding someone to fix it.

Jill said that she and Derick spent weeks trying to replace a pump on their AC unit, but they were “having a very difficult time finding someone with one who would come” to the area in El Salvador where they live.

“Our friend was finally able to arrange for someone to come and when he showed up on our doorstep he asked Derick if we needed a ‘bomba,'” Jill recounted.

“In the area we live in, we are used to hearing the word ‘bomba’ mean fireworks. Derick told him we didn’t need a ‘bomba’ (thinking fireworks), and the guy looked really confused. They ended up getting it figured out pretty quickly [‘bomba’ can also mean ‘pump’], and we were so grateful he was able to get things up and running!”

Now that she’s spent over a year on the mission field, Jill Duggar has some advice for other aspiring missionaries.

“The foreign mission field can be a hard place to live, so make sure you know you’re following God’s call and not your own wants or dreams…when times get tough, that’s what will keep you knowing that you’re doing what he wants you to do. Also do things to prepare for where you feel God may be leading you. There are many helpful skills missionaries can use on the field depending on where you end up! Don’t date anyone who doesn’t share the same goals you do!”

It won’t be long before Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard get another break from the inconveniences of missionary life. As People reports, Jill Duggar is pregnant with their second child and wants to give birth back home. Their baby boy is expected to arrive sometime in July, and they will have to depart Central America a few weeks ahead of Jill’s due date while it’s still safe for Jill to fly.

[Featured Images by Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar/Instagram]