Topless Katie Price To Face Legal Charges

Katie Price will face legal charges for going topless in Maldives. The mother of five got into trouble when she pranced around in Maldives topless. She took off her bikini top and seemed to be having the time of her life while she was on the beach.

Katie showed off her latest assets, which she declared would be her last breast augmentation surgery.

Katie Price to face legal charges for going topless in Maldives
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She ended up boosting her assets to 32 GG and perhaps this prompted her to show off a display for paparazzi on the prowl. The scar from the surgery was on display as well as she smiled and had fun by herself. She got the surgery in July last year and declared to her fans that it would be her last, as this was her eighth surgery Her family was staying at a new resort in Maldives and stayed by the beach. Katie and her family have been out and about living an extravagant life while traveling and living abroad.

Katie Breaks The Law

Katie Price got into trouble for showing off her assets by the beach as nude and topless sunbathing is not allowed in the country. She was enjoying the trip with her husband, Kieran Hayler, and perhaps they were not aware of the rules or they simply chose to ignore the laws put in place.

Katie always shows off her bikinis as well as sexy undergarments and her body to her fans on her social media accounts.

Katie Price to face legal charges for going topless in Maldives
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Katie has a tendency to show off her figure and the issue is that this time, she put her body on display in the wrong country. She strutted her stuff in just a tiny bikini bottom showing her flat stomach and her long legs. She annoyed some of the people who travel to the Maldives quite often. One traveler went on to say that she made the country look like it allowed such behavior when it was very strict. Her behavior angered and irritated a number of people, especially the police, who stated that she made the place look like it was tacky and it gave the wrong impression of what the place was actually like.

Of course, Katie could look like she could give less of a care in the world as she continued to post pictures of herself having fun while on holiday with her family.

The former glamour model broke a rule that is known to many tourists, as the country is very strict. Nudity is not prohibited despite the country looking like it’s all right with a lot of things that tourists do. They are also strict with how tourists dress while they are in the country. In some parts of the country, they don’t allow clothing that shows anything beneath the elbows or knees. Public displays of affection are also looked down on, as well as wearing just a bikini.

The country’s government makes it clear on their website what is allowed and what isn’t.

Katie Price to face legal charges for going topless in Maldives
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The reason she angered a lot of people is because the laws in the country do not allow such behavior, as the country is a Muslim country.

A spokesperson for the Maldives Police Service spoke with The Sun and said that it wasn’t allowed and if a complaint was made to the police station, the police would start an investigation. The spokesperson added, “This is against the law and we take these allegations very seriously.”

Katie The Troublemaker

Katie, who is probably used to getting into trouble, is being judged for how her daughter dressed on social media. Her social media is surrounded by sexy pictures of herself but when the celebrity took to Instagram to show her daughter Princess in an odd pose, her fans were outraged with that. She then showed her daughter wearing a kaftan that had a deep V-neck. This disappointed a lot of her fans as they thought that this was inappropriate for a 9-year-old to wear.

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