‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 19 Promo Shows Future Barry Allen And Killer Frost

The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 entitled “The Once and Future Flash” teases Barry’s latest bold move to try and change the future in which Iris is killed by Savitar. Unfortunately, Episode 19 is not coming next week and will be released later this spring on April 25.

For now, we have to settle for the short promo which shows Barry Allen meeting his future self and is seen pleading with future Barry to reveal who Savitar is so that he can stop him before he tries to kill Iris.

In the last episode where Team Flash battled Abra Kadabra, Caitlin was critically injured and while it seemed like Julian did enough to repair the damage, she went into cardiac arrest. Julian then removes the necklace that stops Caitlin from turning to Killer Frost against her wishes and she quickly heals. However, it seems like Caitlin died and was resurrected as Killer Frost, and it is unclear whether she can come back to her old self at this point.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 is directed by Tom Cavanaugh, who plays Harrison Wells. If you look at the promo clip closely, you can see Barry looking at an old photo of Iris and her father Joe. This is after he managed to run into the future in the year 2024.

In the future, Iris has already died and future Barry looks like a shadow of his old self, more depressed and disheveled. Cisco also looks untidy and it paints the picture of a bleak future if Barry doesn’t find a way to change it. Wally West is also spotted in a wheelchair, which may suggest that he still suffered a fate worse than death in the future as his life revolves around being a speedster at this point.

Killer Frost is also in the Episode 19 promo when she tells Barry he is going to be surprised when he finds out Savitar’s identity. Fan theories still maintain that Savitar is Future Barry; however, the cast maintains that it is going to shock fans.

Other than teasing Savitar’s identity in Episode 18, the real shocker was what seems like Caitlin’s full transformation to Killer Frost. After Julian desperately tries to resuscitate her after she flatlines with electric shocks and CPR, Cisco accepts that she has died and burst into tears.

Julian, who declared his feelings for her in the episode, couldn’t accept her death and takes off her necklace. Tom Felton, who plays Julian, tell TV Line that the rest of Team Flash would have respected her wishes.

Felton also teases what fans can look forward to in Episode 19 or the rest of Season 3 of The Flash in regard to Killer Frost. “She’s full-blown nutter, so we have to rely on some pretty severe methods to try and stop her.” This suggests that there may be some hope for Caitlin after all.

Felton also talks about his character and Julian’s place in Team Flash.

“For a long time, Julian thought that he’d been brought into the group or his skills and for his assets, and then he realized that maybe she’s had her own prerogative the whole time. So, yeah, he was definitely feeling a bit conflicted with his feelings, whether he really belongs in the group and whether he’s able to believe Caitlin.”

Grant Gustin has stated that Savitar is going to be Barry’s biggest challenge thus far. The god of speed may also be the last speedster villain as Season 4 will likely feature a non-speedster to challenge Team Flash and Barry.

It is going to be about a three-week wait for The Flash Season 3 Episode 19 as it will return to CW on April 25.

Who do you think Savitar really is?

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