Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Almost Kissed In New Photos! Is The Divorce Off?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have gone through a lot after they confirmed their split in 2015. They made the announcement on their 10th wedding anniversary which shocked most of their fans. Despite the breakup, they remained together for the sake of their three children.

Just recently, the estranged husband and wife were spotted looking very happy together with their kids Violet, 11, and Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5. X17Online shared some photos of the Affleck family and there were some pictures wherein Ben and Jen almost kissed. According to the website, the 44-year-old actor leaned in for a kiss with the former Alias star.

The latest sighting happened after the Justice League actor completed his treatment for alcohol addiction. A source revealed to E! News that Affleck is in a good place now and he is very focused on staying on track and being healthy. The Academy Award winner is undergoing therapy a few times a week in Los Angeles. His recent rehab reportedly helped him get a new perspective in life and focus on his priorities.

“He loves his kids more than anything and wants to be a great dad, a great role model,” an insider said.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben reportedly took their son Samuel to Disneyland last week. He also wanted to spend time with their children during their spring break which could mean that the rehab really helped him become a better father. The Live By Night actor and his wife are getting along really well and that is a good sign.

“They are very supportive of each other. They have a good arrangement where they co-parent together and make decisions together regarding the kids as well as their professional commitments,” their source said.

“They are very good at putting the family before anything else. When one of them works, the other steps in and takes over parenting duties. It works well for them.”

Despite the smooth relationship, their source confirmed that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner haven’t reunited. The Argo actor is still living on their property, but that has always been their setup ever since their split. He is reportedly happy and contented that he is with his kids and being involved in their lives on a daily basis. But Affleck is hopeful and excited about the future as well – probably part of that is reuniting with Garner.

Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck split
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It’s been almost two years and neither Ben nor Jennifer has filed for a divorce. According to PEOPLE, the A-listers have gone through a recent rough patch that nearly led to a permanent breakup. However, they decided to keep on fixing their marriage, maybe that’s why the actor agreed on getting a rehab. Garner reportedly called off the divorce because she wants to work things out with Affleck. They want to give it another try.

“There is always a chance of reconciliation. They love each other. They also really, really love their kids, and those kids love their parents,” an insider revealed.

“Ben is making a big effort to take care of himself. They are not back together, but there seems to be hope. Jen is hoping they can stay married. Ben doesn’t want a divorce either.”

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Jennifer Garner expressed her feelings for Ben Affleck despite the cheating scandal with their former nanny and his other vices. She revealed that she didn’t regret marrying him and would continue to run down the beach to him again.

“He’s the love of my life. What am I going to do about that? He’s the most brilliant person in any room, the most charismatic, the most generous,” Jennifer confessed.

“He’s just a complicated guy. I always say, ‘When his sun shines on you, you feel it.’ But when the sun is shining elsewhere, it’s cold. He can cast quite a shadow.”

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