‘Attack On Titan’ Season 2 Spoilers: The Truth About The Beast Titan, Eren, Etc.

Attack on Titan Season 2 is finally upon us, bringing back Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and our other favorite characters. The next season is going to be filled with action yet again and answers to some of the mysteries presented in Season 1. However, it is also going to raise more questions, perhaps more than it can answer.

The first season immediately earned the praises of viewers who commended it for its gripping storyline and action scenes. The animation was superb, pulling in the viewers as the Survey Corps (or Scout Regiment as FUNimation puts it) battled with the titans. The last episode was particularly noteworthy with the revelation that humanity’s protection from Titans (the wall) houses the predators they are hiding from.

But what’s more intriguing are the mysterious backgrounds of the characters. Eren Jaeger, the main character, can shapeshift into a Titan. Then there’s a member of the gang who’s actually royalty, and a relative of Mikasa may be fighting beside her all along. If AOT Season 2 follows the manga closely, then it’s likely to cover the two next arcs. Here’s what we’ll learn about the following characters next season.

[WARNING: Spoilers]

The Ackermans

Mikasa (and the viewers) always thought that she is the last of the Ackerman bloodline, which was mysteriously persecuted years ago. But come Attack on Titan Season 2, she will learn that another bada** character might actually be her relative: Levi.

It will be later revealed in AOT that Levi’s mother is an Ackerman. He confirms with Mikasa that they both had an “awakening,” which allows them to use their utmost potential in battle. It can be remembered that she experienced this “awakening” at the time she was kidnapped in Season 1.

The True Heir

Krista Lenz, the one who’s never seen without Ymir, is more than what she seems. Thinking about it, even Ymir is hiding something crucial. The city is ruled by a King, but the one that’s introduced in Attack on Titan Season 1 is not the real one. The real rulers of the walls are the Reiss royal family and the heir to the throne is none other Krista, Comicbook reported.

Ymir knows this secret, and Krista eventually goes back to using her real name: Historia Reiss. However, she doesn’t know Ymir’s, which is that she can shapeshift into a Titan like Eren.

Eren Jaeger

Eren has a lot to his past, but Attack on Titan Season 2 will only touch upon some of it. Nonetheless, we’ll know how he became a titan. In the latter half of the next season, Eren will meet Historia’s father, Rod Reiss. Their meeting will trigger Eren’s Titan’s memories, which reveal that Grisha Jaeger assumed the same Titan and killed most of Reiss’ family members to get a power from Historia’s mother.

At the time of turmoil, Grisha then injected the serum to his son, Eren. This transferred the Titan powers to Eren, which include the power his father got from the Reiss.

The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan was a central part of the Attack on Titan Season 2 trailer that was released a few days ago (seen below). The Titan is a mysterious one in that it looks different – it actually looks more like a monkey than a human. But what’s surprising is that it speaks. In the trailer, it asked a Survey Corps member what his gear is. It seems to be intelligent enough to hold a conversation, and it also seems to be able to order Titans around.

According to Blasting News, it will be revealed in the next season of Attack on Titan that it is Zeke Jaeger, who is (you got it) a relative of our dear Eren. They share the same father, Grisha Jaeger, but Zeke’s mother is of the Fritz royal family.

Attack on Titan Season 2 will premiere on April 1. Fans can watch it on Crunchyroll, which already confirmed that it will be streaming the anime.

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