Surprizamals Release Series 3 And Announce Poll Pertaining To Future Characters

David SochaBeverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

Surprizamals are one of the breakout toys of 2017. Now in their third series, the highly collectible tiny plush figures come in “Surprizaballs” that essentially serve as “blind bags” so you cannot tell which figure you have purchased until you open the container. The mysterious nature of the toys makes them especially exciting to children, and since many children end up with the same character several times, these figures are highly tradable. In fact, many collectors rid themselves of duplicates by trading them with other fans of the series.

Surprizamals Series 3 includes this cute octopus plush.
Surprizamals just released Series 3. Featured image credit: David SochaBeverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

Surprizamals are produced by the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company which has been in business for over 25 years and has produced over 15,000 products. Among their best-known successes include licenses for brands such as Care Bears, Disney, Tsum Tsum, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, as well as their “Custom Plush” series that enables them to create plush on-demand in any size, shape, and color. The Surprizamals, however, are one of the company’s newest series and also one of their most successful.

“The idea for the series was incubating in the company for about five years,” said David Socha, the CEO of Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company. “We were interested in figuring out how to do a surprise stuffed animal and create them in a size that was perfect.”

To date, there are more than ninety characters in the series that have been developed from suggestions by the in-house design team, retailers, and even freelancers. They range from “Common” to “Ultra Rare” meaning that the probability of getting certain figures is much higher than the chance of attaining others.

“We rotate between common animals to rare animals and the rarest are also different from the others in materials and/or size,” David explained.

Surprizamals feature mythical creatures in the form of a dragon and a unicorn.
Surprizamals feature both real and mythical creatures. Featured image credit: David SochaBeverly Hills Teddy Bear Company

“Mimi the Moose” is the rarest Surprizamal of all. The cute moose figurine is part of the series’ “Diamond Edition” and less than 1,000 were created.

“We will have further models in the diamond series but Mimi is extremely rare,” David Socha stated. “Our ultimate goal is to create different offerings and expand options. We are also releasing a line of Surprizamals for collectors later in the year that will be fun for everyone.”

In late March of 2017, they announced their newest characters that include a dragon named Drake, a horse named Hannah, and an octopus named Squiggle. Since each character has its own personality trait and birthdate, children will likely find a way to connect with the toys on a different level. So far, the public response to the Surprizamals has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We have gone from two retailers to about fifty countries in less than six months,” David Socha noted with pride. “We are really looking forward to the future.”

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Surprizamals will be releasing their next batch of plush figurines in June of 2017, and they are actively looking towards the future of the series in terms of expanding and evolving the character line. Hence, in March of 2017, the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company announced that they are considering five new character ideas: a chameleon, a crocodile, a toucan, a shark, and a frog. To decipher which animal consumers are most interested in, they have released a poll and are asking all fans to select the character that they would most like to see next.

“We sampled some of these and they look really cute; whichever one is chosen by the poll will be released in Series 5,” David said and noted that the status of the character — be it common or rare — will determine the materials used for it.

To learn more, visit the official Surprizamals website. To vote for your favorite new character idea, visit the poll and let your voice be heard.

[Featured Image by David Socha/Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company]