‘The Amazing Race’ 29 Premiere Recap: Favorites Emerge With Early Elimination

The Amazing Race Season 29 took a long time before it debuted, but it sure was worth the wait. CBS has just aired the premiere episode of the latest season of the Emmy Award-winning reality TV show, and it ultimately delivered. The episode in itself was solid, featuring great dynamics from the racers. The editing was above par as well, and the results of the race’s first leg left many viewers wanting more.

TAR 29 is unlike other races before it, as its participants are complete strangers that were paired together as a result of a pre-race event, according to a Monsters and Critics report. The fact that none of the racers knew each other beforehand is a pretty significant twist on the hit reality TV show, and if the first episode is any indication, it will give The Amazing Race 29 a lot of memorable moments.

Here then is a brief discussion on The Amazing Race Season 29 Episode 1. Needless to say, there will be some spoilers ahead.

The Amazing Race has been made and broken by the racers that participated in the competition. In this respect, TAR 29 did not disappoint, as the 22 participants were all interesting characters that brought something different to the game. Immediately, fans of the reality TV show began lauding some of the participants of the competition for their ability to work with each other. Others, however, noted that some teams’ dynamics appeared destined to fail.

Among the current favorites in the race are 25-year-old Matt and 28-year-old Redmond, who managed to give a strong performance early on in the race. The pair, who are practically templates of the Alpha Male racers of seasons past, managed to finish the episode’s challenges efficiently, impressing many viewers.

Also notable among longtime fans of The Amazing Race were 26-year-old Becca and 21-year-old Floyd, whose dynamic during the first episode of the new season were lauded by viewers. While the race has just begun airing, numerous fans of the show are already rooting for the young, extremely likable pair.

Another pair that viewers have so far gravitated towards is comprised of 37-year-old Seth and 24-year-old Olive. While the age difference between the two racers is quite significant, their teamwork and overall dynamic during the duration of the episode have so far impressed many fans of the hit reality TV show.

It would not be The Amazing Race, however, if all the pairs are extremely likable. While many viewers noted that no one among the contestants has acted in a cringe-worthy manner yet, the pair of 24-year-old Liz and 37-year-old Michael has so far polarized viewers. Some fans of The Amazing Race lauded the pair for the unique pairing, while others stated that the racers’ overall performance was quite underwhelming.

One pair, however, has managed to steal the spotlight on The Amazing Race Season 29 Episode 1 — the somewhat awkward pairing of 25-year-old Ashton and 28-year-old Vanck. Over the course of the episode, numerous viewers noted that Ashton appeared to be downright miserable racing with Vanck. Numerous TAR fans, however, have expressed their support of the strange pair, stating that it would be interesting if the two participants end up going the distance.

If there was one shocking thing that happened in the first episode of TAR 29, however, it would be the first elimination of the competition. Premiere episodes usually do not eliminate teams, but this time around, it appears that The Amazing Race would not be pulling punches. With this said, the likable pair of 25-year-old Jenn and 31-year-old Kevin ended up taking the brunt of this decision.

Jenn and Kevin were already lagging behind the other teams during the most part of the episode. The team’s fate did not improve over time, however, as they were not even allowed to do the first leg’s Detour, resulting in the two racers lagging even farther behind. At the end of the episode, Jenn and Kevin were eliminated from the competition, being the first casualties of The Amazing Race 29.

The Amazing Race Season 29 is broadcast every Thursday at 10/9c on CBS.

[Featured Image by CBS]